Fiber optic internet is poised to grow to a close to $10 billion industry by 2028. It’s a form of technology that is popular in the business sector because of the sheer amount of work it lets you do when you access it.

San Antonio is one of the hottest markets where fiber optic internet is taking off. You’ll understand why when you break down the finer points of this technology. We’re happy to explain further.

Here are some key points of information that you should learn about fiber optic internet technology and why it’s taking off in San Antonio.

Speed Is Everything With Fiber Optic

If you’re going to get results in your place of business, you have to have speed. A slow internet connection can kill your productivity and make for a difficult daily experience.

You will get incredible upload and download speeds with fiber optic infrastructure. The speed of fiber optic installation prevents throttling, loads pages quickly, allows for better uptime, and makes it so that your high-resolution video streams don’t lag, buffer, or lose picture quality.

Companies, professionals, gamers, and entertainment junkies throughout San Antonio are flocking to fiber optic internet to enjoy these speeds.

San Antonio Is a Burgeoning Hotspot

It makes sense to invest in the best and newest infrastructure whenever you’re working and living in an up-and-coming city. San Antonio fits the bill since several people are flocking to the area because of its industries, opportunities, and cost of living.

This is the 7th largest city in the United States, and one of the fastest-growing. You’ll notice more co-working spaces pop up where business professionals are sharing fiber optic resources.

Younger professionals are also moving into the area for job opportunities and to raise their families. Millennials have higher expectations for internet speed and reliability, so it makes sense that San Antonio is also a hotspot for fiber optic connectivity.

It’s a Reliable Form of Internet

When you invest in fiber optic internet, you’re also paying for the reliability. People that install fiber will enjoy reductions in downtime and will appreciate that the internet is secure and stable.

This form of internet is built on the back of sophisticated glass materials, rather than copper. The change in materials also keeps the internet up and running without fail, and reduces the number of outages.

Even better, providers sign on to service legal agreements that make guarantees about uptime. It’s easier to go about your business and everyday life when you know your internet won’t fail you.

Fiber Is Excellent for Different Applications

Since fiber provides faster upload and download speeds, it’s incredibly useful for different applications. You’ll appreciate crystal clear streaming video, ease in creating servers and networking, and the ability to send massive files back and forth.

Fiber optic for business provides a huge boost to companies in a variety of different industries, including automotive, military, aerospace, education, and medicine. You’ll also get better performance from your in-office security system, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone infrastructure, and any internet or television package you subscribe to.

They Get Better Security With Fiber

Cybersecurity is a massive issue in this day and age. Online crimes account for $6 trillion in damages globally. Individuals and businesses are dealing with issues like identity theft, malware attacks, phishing e-mails, and so many other problems.

When you operate on fiber-optic networks, you’re better able to thwart these attacks. One of the biggest reasons for this is that these cables don’t create electromagnetic interference.

Instead, this technology consists of light pulses that are emitted in large amounts and at high speeds. It’s more difficult for prying eyes to intercept these transmissions. This gives you a better chance of keeping all your information private and out of harm’s way.

Installing fiber also protects the sensitive information of your customers and clients.

Fiber Can Sustain Different Environmental Conditions

Since fiber optic cables emit light signals, there’s a lot less chance of risk. They don’t contain the same spark and electrical shock hazards that you get with traditional cables.

It also does well in hot and cold conditions without losing any quality or hampering the transmission. Durability is essential for any communications network. This is why investing in fiber is one of the best steps that you can take.

The Installation Possibilities Are Versatile

Installation is a breeze when you’re dealing with fiber optic cables. Professionals offer cabling services that’ll keep your fiber optic infrastructure neat and organized.

This means you don’t have to deal with cords strewn about haphazardly and creating an eyesore in your building. It’s also easy to scale and grow with fiber. You’ll be able to ramp up your cloud communications and enjoy high speeds as your company continues to flourish.

After a consultation, a construction specialist can build out your fiber-optic network in whichever way makes the most sense for you.

Get Up to Speed With Fiber Optic

The points above are helpful when you’re interested in fiber optic, high-speed internet service. This is the next wave of technology and something that you’ll appreciate to the fullest once you see it in action.

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