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As a trusted Ubiquiti UniFi Authorized Dealer, CMC Telecommunication specializes in cutting-edge networking solutions for businesses. We offer a wide range of Ubiquiti products and services, empowering your business with reliable, high-performance wireless networks. Our certified team of experts ensures seamless installation and optimal network performance. We provide all types of services related to this brand.

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Ubiquiti Unifi Security Camera System Installer

High-Resolution Images

Ubiquiti Unifi cameras offer sharp, clear images with resolutions up to 4K for detailed surveillance.

Easy Installation

Installing Ubiquiti Unifi cameras is straightforward, making it convenient for professional installers.

Versatile Mounting Options

These cameras can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or poles, providing flexibility for various installation scenarios.

Unifi Network Video Recorder

The UniFi Network Video Recorder (UNVR) offers versatile storage options by supporting up to (4) 3.5″ HDD/SSD drives, catering to different requirements. Whether you require large-capacity storage for extended periods or prefer a faster solid-state drive solution, the UNVR accommodates your preferences.

The UNVR ensures reliable network connectivity through its 10G SFP+ uplink and GbE RJ45 port. Featuring high-speed data transfer capabilities, the 10G SFP+ uplink enables rapid transmission of information. This versatile combination of ports offers flexibility in network setup and integration.

The UNVR takes data protection seriously in video recording and offers an effective solution with its RAID storage technology. RAID provides redundancy and fault tolerance, safeguarding your data against drive failures. You can rely on RAID-enabled storage to keep your video recordings preserved and conveniently accessible.

To ensure uninterrupted functioning, the UNVR is prepared for DC power backup. Thanks to this feature, it becomes feasible to establish a connection between a backup power source – be it a battery or generator – and keep the UNVR functioning without interruption when there is no electrical power available.

Unifi NVR Setup

Ubiquiti Unifi Security Camera

Network Video Recorder Professional

Storing footage from either 20 4K or 60 Full HD cameras for up to two months is easily done with the powerful UNVR-Pro video recorder.

The UNVR-Pro supports flexible storage configurations with 7 HDD/SSD drives and offers high-speed data transfer and network connectivity with 10G SFP+ and GbE RJ45 ports.

The UNVR-Pro utilizes RAID storage technology to safeguard data and maintain seamless operation in case of a drive failure.

The UNVR-Pro offers an intuitive 1.3″ touchscreen interface that streamlines system management, configuration, and control processes for improved efficiency.

Unifi Network Video Recorder Features

Unifi Network Video Recorder offers advanced features for recording and managing your surveillance footage, allowing you to keep a secure eye on your property with ease.

Ubiquiti Unifi Security Camera System

Ubiquiti Networks’ Unifi Security Camera System is packed with various features. Boasting a 4K resolution, optical zoom capabilities, remarkable low-light sensitivity, and infrared night vision functionality.

The Unifi G3 Dome is an affordable option with a wide-angle lens, suitable for indoor and outdoor use under an overhang, and easy installation on walls or ceilings.

The Unifi G3 Flex is a compact and economical camera with versatile mounting options, a weatherproof design, a wide-angle lens, adjustable image settings, and audio capabilities for businesses.

Whether you need to monitor a large indoor area or keep an eye on outdoor spaces, the AI 360 camera offers versatile functionality that meets your surveillance needs.

Unifi Different Types Of Security Cameras

Unifi Security offers a complete range of cameras for security and surveillance purposes, allowing users to find the perfect solution for their needs.

Ubiquiti Unifi Security Camera System

G4 Bullet

Ubiquiti Unifi Security Camera System

G5 Bullet

Ubiquiti Unifi Security Camera System

AI Professional

Unifi Camera Installation

Pick the camera model that you desire to install. Ubiquiti Networks offers several models, including the UVC G4 Bullet, UVC G3 Flex, and AI 360. Review the quick start guide for your camera model. The guide will present an outline of the installation procedures. To link your camera, attach one end of an Ethernet cable to it and connect the opposite end to a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch or injector. The camera can transmit data over the network when it is powered. When you install a wireless camera, like the UVC G3 Micro, connecting to its open WiFi network is required for completing the setup.

Get the Unifi Protect app on your smartphone or PC. This application provides a platform for viewing and handling your cameras. Simply follow the instructions displayed on the app to add your camera to your Unifi Protect account successfully. The camera’s IP address and login credentials are required for accessing its interface. Upon adding your camera to your account, you are given the opportunity to set up its preferences, such as configuring motion detection and recording schedules.

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