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As a trusted Ubiquiti UniFi Authorized Dealer, CMC Telecommunication specializes in cutting-edge networking solutions for businesses. We offer a wide range of Ubiquiti products and services, empowering your business with reliable, high-performance wireless networks. Our certified team of experts ensures seamless installation and optimal network performance. We provide all types of services related to this brand.

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CMC Communications knows how to setup a Wireless Bridge Between Buildings and provides configuration services of Ubiquiti Unifi wireless backhaul systems

As a Ubiquiti Unifi wireless installer are one the most critical links in a network system since it is the link between the backbone or core network and the other subnetworks. A Wireless Bridge Between Buildings is the link that ties all services and applications to the core network. This is where the quality of network, uptime, and performance combines to ensure data delivery.

Our expertise includes:

  • Planning
  • Microwave path analysis
  • Wireless network design
  • Installation of wireless backhauls
  • Remote Cell modem internet-powered via solar panels
Wireless Bridge Between Buildings Services
Wireless Bridge Between Buildings Services

At CMC Communications, we offer the best wireless backhaul installation and configuration services that guarantees steady and reliable data service, the least downtime, and high uptime. We provide a scalable and flexible wireless backhaul service that serves as an alternative to fiber lines at an affordable rate. Our secure and high-capacity wireless backhauls solutions are designed to meet your business bandwidth needs.

We offer the following services:

  • Ubiquiti Unifi Point to point wireless backhaul (PTP)
  • Ubiquiti Unifi Point to multipoint wireless bridges (PTM)
  • Unifi Wireless mesh network

Advantages of Wireless Backhauls:

  • Eliminates leased line and fiber cost which reduces OPEX
  • Fast cost-effective deployment
  • Easily scalable to meet any increase in traffic demands
  • Offer carrier-class reliability of 100% uptime
  • Operates above environmental barriers
  • Offer versatility and flexibility in application

With the point-to-point wireless backhaul, we can deploy licensed wireless network service that can compete with fiber networks not only in cost per Mbps but also reliability and performance. Owning this private network offers the advantages of reliability, security and support. We can link several buildings and facilities using point-to-multipoint wireless network backhaul. These bridges can achieve throughputs ranging from 100Mbps full-duplex to high GigE. This service applies to campuses, oil and gas facilities, government offices and many others.

Take advantage of our high-quality wireless brides today offered at the best price. We have offices in Austin, Houston and San Antonio in Texas. Call today to receive a quotation.

CMC Communications is a professional Wireless Bridge Installer in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Round Rock, Georgetown, San Marcos, Kyle, Buda, New Braunfels, Seguin, Boerne, Castroville, Pleasanton, Creedmoor, Manchaca, West Lake Hills, Bee Cave, Lakeway, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Hutto, Manor, Wells Branch, Jollyville, Leander in Texas.

Wifi Building Bridge

Ubiquiti is leading the way with its innovative Wi-Fi Building Bridge, an exceptional wireless solution for connecting buildings. With its powerful performance and advanced features, this bridge delivers reliable and efficient networking capabilities for diverse applications.

Regarding connectivity, the Wi-Fi Building Bridge operates on the 60 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands, ensuring dual-radio redundancy. Including redundancy in the system boosts its reliability, providing a seamless switch between the two bands in situations where interference or signal degradation occurs. Ideal for high-bandwidth tasks like video streaming or data transfer, the 60 GHz frequency band offers impressive throughput and minimal latency.

The Wi-Fi Building Bridge stands out for its extensive coverage range. Offering extensive coverage up to 185 meters (2,000 feet), it excels in establishing a sturdy and consistent wireless connection even across considerable spans. The extensive coverage provided by this technology makes it a fantastic choice for connecting buildings in expansive campuses or bustling urban environments, thereby avoiding the expenses and time consumption associated with wired connections.

The bridge features a 10 Gbps SFP+ interface and facilitates rapid data transfer rates and smooth integration with other networking gear. By utilizing this high-speed interface, users can benefit from the speedy transmission of large files or data-intensive applications, enhancing their network experience.

Wifi Building Bridge Setup

Wifi Building Bridge Features

The Bridge Wifi Building features the latest in wireless technology, providing users with reliable and secure internet access wherever they go.

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