Air blown fiber installation services

Fiber optic cable installation has become a significant option for data transmission. Unlike traditional copper cabling, fiber optic cable transmits data over a longer distance without any signal interruption. However, we live in a fast-paced lifestyle. Hence, many business owners are looking for an effective and rapid method for fiber optic installation.

We at CMC Communication offer some of the best air-blown installation services out there. From site surveys to testing and certification after the installation, our trained technicians offer end-to-end quality and unrivaled service.

What is Air jetting fiber installation?

Air Jetting is a type of fiber installation technique that uses compressed air to push the cable through pre-installed tubes (also known as micro ducts). It is one of the most influential and fast installation processes compared to traditional methods. Even though pulling and bowling are some of the common fiber installation methods, Air jetting enhances longevity and performance.

Many businesses and organizations are now deviating towards the Air jetting installation method as it minimizes downtime and disruption. The method consists of key components: preparation and installation of micro ducts, acquiring the right Air blowing equipment, and the fiber installation process. Our installation service also includes post-installation inspections like testing and documentation to ensure functionality and maintenance for future reference.

Benefits of Air blown fiber installation

Air-blown fiber (ABF) installation is indeed a simplified but reliable method. Let’s look at some of its benefits to determine why this technique is highly demanded.

Rapid Installation:
ABF installation is much faster and more reliable than the pulling method. The ABF method relies on compressing air, which is much easier and more efficient to use. This is due to the low-friction, high-drag jacketing system that allows the cable to move at a faster speed without stressing the fiber.

Multiple pathways allow for cable to be added in the future without additional construction costs. This eliminates the need for extensive equipment and reduces labor costs.

Navigate through Confined Spaces:
The most beneficial aspect of the ABF method is that it can navigate through confined, hard-reach places or limited access areas. This can be possible due to the thin tubes called microducts, which can be installed in narrow spaces.

The great thing about the ABF technique is that you can easily expand or add additional cable to the existing microducts if needed in the future. This can future-proof your network system and infrastructure so that it can match the growing bandwidth demands.

Zero interruption:
The ABF installation holds the ability to conduct the installation process without disrupting the network of the premises.

Products we offer

Ekabel HDPE Duct

We at CMC Communication believe in using top-quality products that can ensure long-term performance and reliability. Therefore, we include Ekable HDPE Ducts in our service offering. These ducts are made up of high-quality and robust material. Ekable ducts are known for its resilience and extraordinary strength and can withstand harsh weather conditions and accidental impacts. Its smooth inner surface helps minimize friction during cable placement, which reduces the risk of damaging the cables.

Many industries need special fiber optic cables or installation methods. That’s where Ekable ducts come into play. These ducts offer great flexibility, allowing an easy installation process through bends and obstacles. The Ekabel HDPE duct is our go-to solution for building a dependable network structure with top-notch materials and efficiency.

Ekabel Air Blown Fiber

Ekabel air-blown fiber is a well-known and trusted name in the industry. It provides a flawless air-blown fiber optic installation experience. Our Ekabel air-blown fiber offers durability and optimal execution. Ekabel comes with pre-assembled bundles that contain multiple microducts, leading to a simpler installation process. They are compatible in nature and are designed to work with our top-quality jetting equipment.

Ekabel microducts are lightweight and easy to operate, which helps in minimizing installation complexity. They can accommodate various industrial needs with immediate scalability and expand and re-configure your network. Ekabel is designed to reduce on-site assembly time, minimize the risk of damage, and ensure quality control. We utilize premium Ekabel products that enable advanced network infrastructure.

Sumitomo Microduct

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL) is a notable and well-known brand in the fiber optic industry. We at CMC Communication offer SEL innovative FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber® solutions as part of our ABF installation service. Our Sumitomo microducts offer solutions for the growing demand for network bandwidth with flexibility and cost-saving methods. Our team of technicians is highly trained and has vast knowledge of the FutureFLEX® system.

The revolutionary technology and design of the FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber® provide immediate network set-up, uninterrupted operations, and enhanced scalability. With the combined expertise of Sumitomo FutureFLEX® and our thorough service, we fulfill your network transmission requirement.

Dura Line HDPE duct conduit

We incorporate Dura-Line HDPE duct conduit in our air-blown fiber installation to ensure that your network foundation stays up-to-date for upcoming years. It is made from high-grade HDPE that are built for longevity. They are impact-resistance and crush-resilient, which protects the fiber optic cables from potential damage. Unlike traditional metal conduits, Dura-Line duct conduits are corrosion-immune, eliminating the risk of rust.

Dura line duct conduit is available with UV protection, which allows it to perform well in any environment and weather condition. Its internal longitudinal ribbing reduces joining costs. It provides a permanent pathway that simplifies future cable repairs or replacement. We are committed to delivering a high-quality product and service for a reliable networking system.

Dura Line MicroDucts

Air blown installation method requires high-functioning products and equipments to ensure a smooth installation process. Therefore, we proudly utilize DuraLine Microducts, the leading name in the industry. DuraLine provides microducts factory bundled with a polyethylene oversheath. It is designed with a smooth, low-friction inner lining that minimizes the resistance in the cabling movement.

DuraLine Microiducts are known for their flexibility, which reduces and eliminates sweeps and bends. Due to being light in weight, they are easier to install than the traditional microducts. They are faster to install, which can reduce the labor cost and also minimize the cost of future repair. With our combined expertise and high-quality material, such as DuraLine Microducts, we will always deliver top-performing service to meet your business needs.


Every business requires a strong and fast network system, and we at CMC Communication are always committed to making that possible. Therefore, we use FuturePath, one of the most renowned products from DuraLine. It excels in maximizing network performance and eases installation procedures.  FuturePath eliminates the need to carry multiple tools on-site, as no special tools or equipment is required when operating with FuturePath.

FuturePath is indeed the future of air-blown fiber optic installation with its future expansion modular design. It provides a permanently protected pathway for fiber optic cables. It allows the flexibility to build the network designed as desired by the business needs and also allows the change and addition preferred. We leverage this ‘’future-proof’’ technology to deliver network reliability, efficiency, and scalability.

Machines we use for fiber installation

Air-blown fiber installation heavily relies on specialized equipment and machinery. Quality machine usage ensures reliability and longevity.  The installation process requires a significant amount of control over air pressure, which ABF machines can manage. As ABF involves long microduct runs, manually reaching confined places can get complex; therefore, machines such as blowing units can provide the accuracy and precision needed to go long distances.

We, CMC Communication, one of the best air-blown fiber installers, use the below machines to blow fiber. We use a future-proof and robust machine that empowers and simplifies the network installation.

Plumett Minijet

We use a multi-tasking and flexible blowing machine out in the market, Plumett Minijet. This powerhouse works best with cables and fibers Ø 4 to 16 mm and ducts OD 7 to 42mm. The Minijet machine is easy to use for the installation of fiber optic cable through air injection. It covers the most common cable diameters. This versatile machine offers a flexible control for handling complex cables, micro-cables, and micoducts with ease.

It is highly effective and ensures excellent cable grip for air jetting installation that significantly empowers daily production. On top of that, its advanced design and construction enhance installation performance and guarantee a smooth process. Plumett Minijet is the perfect machine to opt for, as it delivers a high-performance network foundation for your business growth.

400 CFM Aftercooler Assembly

We take air jetting fiber installation to another level with our advanced equipment. A key feature of 400 CFM Aftercooler Assembly is that it ensures clean, dry, and flawless air for fiber optic placement. Air blown method requires compressed air, which contains a very high level of moisture. 400 CFM Aftercooler Assembly removes excess moisture and heat from the compressed air. Removing the moisture reduces the maintenance cost and enhances system operation. It additionally filters to remove oil & other contamination.

The powerful 400 CFM airflow guarantees accurate cable movement through microducts, which minimizes installation hassle and time. This stand-mounted radiator is a cost-friendly aftercooler that ensures the longevity of your network system.

AC400F 400 CFM Aftercooler C/W Frame

Our utmost priority is to ensure reliability and performance in everything we do. We make it possible by using AC400F 400 CFM Aftercooler C/W Frame that removes high levels of moisture from the compressed air. It prevents condensation within the microducts, improving the overall product quality. Aftercooler is an essential first step in the ABF installation as it eliminates upto 80%-90% of the moisture present in compressed air.

Its C/W Frame (Cart with Frame) offers a sturdy platform that can withstand the complex installation process. AC400F helps in delivering clean and dry air that utilizes air pressure for smooth cable movement. This aftercooler guarantees a long-lasting network foundation that can meet your growing bandwidth needs for upcoming years.

Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Air Compressor

The major part of air-blown installation is the usage of compressed air that pushes the cable within the microducts. We use a Micro Fiber Cable Blowing air compressor to deliver ideal air pressure and flow rate that are suitable for accurate cable movement. It offers a reliable and steady screw compressor, which is powered by a gasoline engine. They ensure a top-notch performance without damaging the cable’s integrity.

Unlike other generic compressors, MicroFiber air compressor is a modified compressor that includes an after-cooler and water separator. It provides a maximum working pressure of 220 psi (15 bar) with 35.3cfm (1000 litres/m) flow. Our Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Air Compressor guarantees an efficient compressor package that includes a 50-foot 3/4 in. diameter air hose for connection to the microfiber cable blowing machine.

Airstream Cable Blowing Machine

We are one of the leading air jetting installers in the industry, hence we use the AirStream Cable Blowing Machine for quality service. The machine plays a major role in elevating your network system by focusing on speed and precision. It is designed to heighten the protection for micro cables, which is backed by the use of the latest and advanced technology.  It has a cable diameter of 2.5 to 11mm with 145-215 psi (10-15 Bar) of air pressure. The compliant double-drive ensures a gentle yet tight grip that helps you prevent damaging the cables during the installation.

The Airstream is relatively low in maintenance and lightweight, which significantly minimizes downtime for your project. Moreover, you can easily add additional cables within the existing microducts if needed in the future. Airstream Cable Blowing Machine is truly a cutting-edge technology that helps you empower your business needs.

MultiFlow RAPID Fiber Blower|8-32mm in 10-63mm Duct

Our air-blown fiber services have become more capable with the MutiFlow Rapid Fiber blower. It offers maximum power and versatility. It is robust and built for steady performance and resilience. The Rapid blower can handle a wide range of fiber optic cable diameters (8mm to 32mm). Its adaptable duct support allows us to handle various installation situations and types.

The Rapid Fiber blower requires only a simple set-up, which makes it user-friendly for machine operation. Its adjustable base can tilt to accommodate duct entrance angle. Rapid fiber ensures a rapid and proficient system that meets future scalability and changing technology.

NanoFlow Fiber Blowing Machine

At CMC Communication, we provide efficient and trustworthy air jetting fiber services by utilizing equipment such as the NanoFlow Fiber Blowing Machine, a small but powerful blowing machine. It is a fully automated fiber-blowing machine with exceptional double fiber protection. Its compact size makes it perfect for installation in confined areas. With its fail-proof features, it reduces the risk of costly damage to the cable.

The NanoFlow provides extreme mobility and cable protection throughout the installation process. Its unique fiber protection technology is tested in accordance with IEC standards.  It makes it really easy to open and close by hand with quick load, plus battery-powered convenience (independent of 110V/230V).  The NanoFlow’s versatility delivers a smooth installation process that helps you meet all your business needs.

How to choose the best air jetting fiber installer

Air jetting fiber installation is an optimal choice to consider when it comes to fiber optic installation. It is a quicker and more reliable method that greatly reduces the chances of damaging the cable and fiber. It can also accommodate the growing bandwidth demands as additional fiber optics can be added to the existing microducts. Due to these features, the telecommunication industry can’t help but welcome this method with open arms, resulting in its growing demand. Therefore, it becomes crucial to select the best air jetting installers that can fulfill all your network requirements.

We at CMC Communication provide a revolutionary ABF installation technique that has simplified the network installation for many business owners. Our highly trained technicians ensure a hassle-free and smooth cable installation that enhances the reliability of your network and minimizes costly downtime.

We go beyond just blowing cables. We provide fusion splicing for a consistent fiber connection and OTDR testing that verifies the network’s integrity.

We use top-notch advanced equipment along with notable brands and products that guarantee a high-performing and efficient network foundation.

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