The heart of high-speed data transfer is fiber optics cables.

Fiber optics cables deliver steady and light-speed data transfer. For the fiber optics to work properly, there is a need for a quality cabling service that will support seamless data transfer. Micro trenching and air blown fiber is an advanced method of fiber optics cabling without pushing or pulling the cables. Just like the maglev train gliding over the top of the tracks, the air blown into the micro ducts creates such an effect during air blown cabling. There is little or no friction between the inner duct wall and the fiber cable jacket thus making it faster and easier to install.

Benefits of air blown cabling

  • Air blown fiber optic cabling is a rising cabling technology that offers certain advantages over the traditional cabling method.
  • Space – Air blown fiber cabling technology uses less space than the traditional method, roughly one-sixth. The micro trench can fit more cables in less space than the traditional cabling method.
  • Scalable – once the backbone of conduits and pathways are complete, you can easily blow fiber through the pipe saving the cost of new installations. Upgrading of network or network wirings becomes easy and at a lower cost when the need arises. This can be done without necessarily disrupting your network services causing zero downtime if done correctly.
  • Less labour/manpower – fiber optic cabling using the air blown method uses less labour and manpower power compared to other methods. The cost of material might reduce as well with the use of an inner protective duct not necessary in most cases.
  • Reduces interconnections – air blown fiber cabling reduces interconnection points and splicing within the fiber line.

At CMC Communications, we bring you the best micro trenching, micro-duct and air-blown fiber optic cabling service at an affordable rate. Using the best practices, we install fiber optic cable that will maximize your network speed and efficiency.

Using Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Air-Blown Fiber technology, we offer a cost-saving and flexible installation of fiber optic cables. Our air-blown fiber optic services increase your competitive edge, and it is very compatible with most network infrastructure designs. With this equipment, we can install the exact count of the exact fiber cable in a smaller number of days. Thus, saving unnecessary manpower while delivering highly scalable cabling solutions. As a professional installer, we conduct easy and fast installations.

At CMC Communications we understand the delicacy of fiber optics cables thus we conduct hassle-free installation using compressed air or nitrogen and eliminate the unforeseen fiber optic damage during the pulling and pushing resulting from the traditional installation method.

Features Of Sumitomo Electric Air Blown Fiber

  • It can use either compressed nitrogen or compressed air.
  • It can output between 0-200 psi pressure using the pressure regulator.
  • Fiber bundles can be blown up to 150 feet per minute.
  • The airflow rate through the motor controls the speed.

Consist of three main sections: the payoff stand which holds reels the fiber bundles, a blowing head that directs the fiber bundles, and a pressure regulator connected to the air source.

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