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Wireless Solutions For Healthcare

CMC Communication is dedicated to empowering healthcare with reliable wireless connectivity. Our solutions enable seamless communication and collaboration between clinicians, staff, and patients. We design customized networks with robust wireless infrastructure, leveraging the latest Wi-Fi, cellular, and radio technologies. This allows for secure data access and medical records, images, and video transfer throughout facilities, enabling efficient workflows.

Network Cabling For Hospitals

Reliable network connectivity is crucial for hospitals and medical facilities. CMC Communication understands the unique connectivity needs of the healthcare industry. Our experienced team installs and maintains high-performance cabling infrastructure tailored for hospitals. We use only commercial-grade cabling and components to ensure your network can support critical systems like EHR, imaging equipment, and telehealth. With reliable service and maintenance, CMC Communication keeps your hospital connected and running smoothly. Our healthcare clients trust us to build and manage network cabling that enables efficient patient care and hospital operations. Let our healthcare connectivity experts design and implement a robust, reliable cabling solution for your facility.

CMC Communications Is The Top Rated Contractor For Healthcare

Our expert team of professionals has consistently delivered excellent results from healthcare IT systems to call center management. With a commitment to excellence and unparalleled customer service, CMC Communications is the trusted partner regarding healthcare contracting needs.

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Wireless Solutions For Hospitals

Modern hospitals rely heavily on wireless connectivity to support critical systems and mobile devices. Our experts survey your environment and requirements to develop a robust wireless plan with strong coverage hospital-wide. We configure the network for traffic prioritization and isolation to ensure the smooth operation of vital apps and systems. With reliable monitoring and maintenance, we keep your wireless connectivity running optimally.


Hospital Wifi Solutions

Fast, ubiquitous WiFi is necessary for today’s hospitals. We deliver solutions to provide wireless access across all departments with enough bandwidth for high simultaneous usage. Our WiFi networks are engineered to support EHR, VoIP, patient monitoring, imaging, and other wireless-enabled hospital technologies. We isolate critical traffic while securely accommodating staff and guest devices. Our team handles all aspects, from survey to installation to optimization, providing a WiFi network tailored for healthcare environments.

Wireless Phones For Hospitals

Instant communication improves hospital workflows. We provide VoIP phone systems with durable wireless handsets designed for medical settings. The phones have practical features like alarms, long battery life, and strong connectivity. Our VoIP platform seamlessly integrates wireless extensions with your existing PBX or communications system. Nurses and doctors can collaborate instantly hospital-wide, increasing productivity and patient satisfaction. Our team handles all aspects, from initial planning to ongoing support, delivering wireless phones that enhance mobility.

Wireless Solution
Network Design For Hospital

Network Design Proposal For Hospital

We thoroughly assess your hospital’s requirements, traffic patterns, and growth plans. Our experts then design a high-performance network tailored to your needs. The proposal outlines optimal cabling, network hardware, bandwidth, redundancy levels, and infrastructure to support hospital systems and usage. We provide projected costs, project timelines, and deliverables. Our design ensures a flexible, resilient, secure hospital network that allows you to leverage technology to improve patient care.

Data Cabling For Hospitals

We install and maintain the data cabling backbone that connects hospital departments and rooms. Cat6 and fiber optic cables provide high-speed access for imaging, EHR, telehealth applications, and more. Our team neatly routes cables while following hospital codes. Proper cable labeling simplifies maintenance. We perform certified installation and regular inspections to maintain performance. When layouts change, we seamlessly handle cabling modifications. Reliable data cabling improves network connectivity vital for modern hospital operations.

Network Cabling For Hospitals

Type of services

Wireless Solutions For Healthcare


We deliver reliable networks for clinics and medical office buildings sized for your needs, patient loads, and specific systems.

Wireless Solutions For Healthcare


We deliver reliable networks for clinics and medical office buildings sized for your needs, patient loads, and specific systems.

Wireless Solutions For Healthcare

Health Center

Our cabling and wireless solutions are ideal for community health centers, outpatient facilities, and rural clinics.

Brands We Install

We install and support leading commercial-grade cabling and network brands that meet stringent healthcare standards. Our certified technicians work with top manufacturers to handle everything. It is from design to installation to maintenance of your hospital’s cabling infrastructure. We only use enterprise-level components optimized for performance, resilience, and longevity in demanding medical environments.

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