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Wireless Hotel Phone System

CMC Communication provides an innovative wireless hotel phone system to enhance guest experiences. Using a cellular network, this system eliminates the need for wiring between guest rooms and the front desk. Guests can make calls, receive voice mail, and access hotel services easily with our user-friendly phones. With no in-room hardware required, our system allows hotels flexibility in room design and seamless integration during renovations. The wireless network’s reliability and security ensure uninterrupted service while protecting guest privacy.

Wifi System For Hotel

CMC Communication provides reliable, high-speed WiFi networks designed specifically for hotels. Our powerful WiFi access points and cloud-managed network ensure strong signals throughout hotel properties, even in challenging layouts. Our secure network architecture protects guest data privacy while providing easy access. With CMC Communication’s customized wifi system, hotels can offer fast, stable internet access in every room, conference space, and public area. Streamlined management tools enable hotel staff to monitor usage and optimize performance. Partner with CMC Communication for a robust, enterprise-grade WiFi system that delivers excellent connectivity.

CMC Communications Is The Top Rated Contractor For Hospitality Industry

We strive to deliver the highest quality ⁠ customer service with our experienced professionals. Our commitment extends to satisfying our ⁠ client’s requirements as well. We work towards optimizing productivity and minimizing costs for our customers ⁠ by harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies and ingenious solutions.

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Phone Systems For Hospitality Industry

Our wireless phone systems are designed to meet hotels, resorts, and other hospitality properties’ unique needs. We utilize cellular networks instead of costly, outdated wiring to provide guests with reliable in-room calling and hotels more flexibility. Our easy-to-use phones have essential features like voicemail, intercom, and speed dial. With improved connectivity between rooms and staff, guests experience better service. We seamlessly integrate our modular system during renovations.

Wireless Hotel Phone System
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Wireless Hotel Phone System Installation

Our experienced team handles installation to simplify adopting our wireless hotel phone system. We survey your property to design a customized deployment plan tailored to your needs. After strategically positioning cellular network receivers throughout your building, we install sleek, user-friendly phones in each room. With minimal disruption to your daily operations, we migrate your existing contacts and configurations to the new system.

Wifi Solutions For Hospitality Industry

Fast, reliable wifi is now considered a must-have for hotels and resorts. Our enterprise-grade wifi networks are specially engineered for the demands of the hospitality industry. Our team evaluates your venue to design a custom network using optimal access point placements for strong connectivity in every corner. We build a resilient network architecture using enterprise-grade hardware to support simultaneous connections without slowdowns. Easy-to-use management tools enable you to monitor usage and performance. With two decades of experience, we create robust WiFi solutions to delight guests and differentiate your brand.

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Wireless Hotel Phone System

Data Cabling For Hotel

Property needs robust cabling infrastructure to support fast, reliable connectivity as data demands grow. We evaluate your needs and design a structured cabling system using high-quality Cat 5e or Cat6 ethernet cables ideal for hotel environments. Our certified team neatly installs cabling through walls and ceilings to minimize disruption. We tag and document cables for easy management. For large bandwidth needs, we deploy fiber optic cabling for blazing speeds up to 10 Gbps. Our expert installation adheres to industry best practices so your cabling supports PoE devices, wifi access points, IP cameras, building controls, and more.

Network Design Proposal For Hotel

Our engineers review your requirements and usage patterns for hotel network upgrades to create a detailed proposal for your property. We recommend optimal network components, capacity, security features, and layout based on your goals. Our design considers future bandwidth needs so the network can easily scale. For older buildings, we include creative wiring solutions to overcome obstacles. We outline project timelines, costs, and disruption. Our expertise in optimizing hotel networks ensures you get a high-performing system tailored for hospitality.

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Wireless Hotel Phone System


We install modern wireless phone systems to improve hotel guest connectivity and staff efficiency.

Wireless Hotel Phone System


We provide easy-to-use wireless phone systems to enhance guest experiences at motels nationwide.

Wireless Hotel Phone System


Our wireless phone systems upgrade resort guest room communication and staff operations.

Brands We Install

We expertly install leading global wireless phone system brands trusted by major hospitality companies worldwide. Our certified technicians are trained to deploy and configure these enterprise-grade phone systems properly. These phone systems are known for their reliability, security, and ease of use. We only install widely used wireless phone system solutions with proven track records in hospitality settings.

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