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Cel-Fi Quatra

Cel-Fi Quatra Certified Installer

CMC Communication is a trusted and certified installer for Cel-Fi Quatra, the cutting-edge in-building enterprise cellular solution by Nextivity. As a proud partner of CEL-FI, CMC Communication brings extensive expertise and experience in deploying Cel-Fi Quatra systems to address the challenges of spotty cellular coverage, dropped calls, and dead zones in middleprice buildings. With a focus on providing high-quality solutions, CMC Communication ensures seamless installations of Cel-Fi Quatra, enabling uniform, carrier-approved, and network-safe cellular signals throughout buildings. As a result of this partnership, building owners, facility managers, and IT professionals can rely on CMC Communication’s speed of installation, higher performance, and cost-effective approach to enhance in-building cellular connectivity.

CMC Communications Is The Top Rated Cel-Fi Quatra Distributor

CMC Communications is the top-rated Cel-Fi Quatra distributor, providing businesses with reliable and customized cellular signal solutions. With a commitment to service excellence, we strive to provide our customers with fast and efficient installations to meet their communication needs.

Global Review
Cel-Fi Quatra

Cel-Fi Quatra Installation Service

Our installation service for CEL-FI QUATRA provides efficient and seamless deployment of cutting-edge in-building cellular solutions. With expertise in Active DAS Hybrid technology, we ensure spotty cellular coverage, poor voice quality, and dropped calls become a thing of the past for middleprise buildings.

Our certified team delivers uniform, network-safe cellular signals, utilizing scalable PoE category cabling for Single or Multi-Carrier environments. Installation time is significantly reduced, taking only days instead of months, while offering competitive pricing that aligns with middleprise budgets. Trust us to enhance indoor signal coverage, boost productivity, and guarantee optimal communication capabilities.

Nextivity Quatra 4000 Installer

Efficiently deploy the Nextivity Quatra 4000, a multi-carrier solution with private networking capabilities. Our certified installers ensure seamless installation, providing constant, high-quality cellular signals throughout the building. Enjoy up to 100 dB system gain and scalable coverage options with PoE category cable technology.

Planning And Installation
Nextivity Quatra

Nextivity Quatra 2000 Setup

Experience enhanced indoor signal coverage with the Nextivity Quatra 2000 dual-carrier solution. Our expert setup ensures improved cellular connectivity and eliminates dropped calls and dead zones. Benefit from intelligent signal qualification and off-air donor sources for optimal performance.

Nextivity Quatra 1000 Installer

Our Nextivity Quatra 1000 installers offer reliable solutions for single-carrier environments with up to 100 dB system gain. Say goodbye to spotty cellular coverage and enjoy a cost-effective, network-safe installation. Trust our experts to deliver high-quality cellular signals in just days, meeting middleprise budget requirements.


Industries We Serve

We serve a wide range of industries with our top-rated data cabling services. From commercial enterprises and large corporations to educational institutions and healthcare facilities, our tailored network solutions provide reliable connectivity, efficient data transfer, and enhanced productivity for businesses of all sizes.


Trusted cabling contractor for businesses, offering reliable ⁠ network installation and structured cabling solutions.


Advanced technology solutions for large companies, ensuring seamless data connections and efficient management.


Enhance productivity with our professional network ⁠ cabling services and business phone system installations.


Optimize warehouse operations with our tailored network solutions, ⁠ enabling seamless connectivity and efficient data transfer.


Network infrastructure solutions enable continuous operations and streamlined data management in manufacturing facilities.

New Construction

Industry-leading cabling contractor for new construction projects, ⁠ providing structured cabling and fiber optic installation services.


Connect students and educators with our reliable ⁠ network solutions for educational institutions. Experience fast data transfer.


With our network infrastructure, healthcare facilities can enjoy secure ⁠ and efficient communication and smooth data transfer.


Trusted cabling partner for government organizations, ⁠ delivering secure and scalable network solutions.


Enhance guest experiences with our reliable network ⁠ installations for hotels and hospitality establishments.


Streamline operations and enhance customer experience with ⁠ our tailored network solutions for retail environments. ‌


With our network services, small and medium-sized businesses ⁠ can enjoy reliable connectivity and streamlined communication. ​

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