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The world today is driven by data, an organization with a faster data transfer means has a better competitive advantage. Thus, the rush by organizations to upgrade to a fiber-optic backbone. Underground Cable Contractors in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio in Texas, we offer the best underground fiber-optics installation service. We offer the best price in fiber-optic cable connections to telecommunication industries, private businesses, educational institutions, government facilities as well as data centers. Our professional installation service will guarantee steady and reliable internet connections which support your business needs. We also resell over 100 internet service providers to select from thus providing a wide range of options, making the sometimes impossible task of finding an ISP in your area an easy one.

Underground Cable Contractors San Antonio

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Underground Cable Installation Service

Underground Cable Contractors Austin

We offer long haul fiber-optic installation which connects cities, data centers and extends the reach of internet service providers.

This fiber-optic installation service delivers reliable and efficient communication that are miles apart. We have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to deliver the best price in Texas.

Mainline or Backbone fiber installation is one of our key underground fiber optics services that connect the long-haul line thus serving as a branching point for commercial districts and neighbourhoods. This fiber-optics ring is mostly preferable for specific needs needing zero network down time. We have the manpower and equipment to handle this as well.

CMC Communications can provide fiber to business services and can connect individual businesses to Internet Services providers, Data Center and fiber backbones at a much more affordable rate than our competitors.

Underground Cable Contractor

CMC Communication is your expert provider of underground cable contracting services. As an underground cable contractor, we specialize in installing and maintaining underground telecommunications, and fiber optic cables for residential, commercial, and municipal clients. Our skilled team has decades of combined experience successfully planning and executing complex underground cable projects. We handle all aspects of the job, including planning cable routes, securing permits, trenching, installing conduit, pulling cables, splicing, terminating, testing cables, and restoring surfaces. Safety and quality are our top priorities on every job. Whether you need a new underground power line installed at your home or business or fiber optics pulled on a large-scale municipal project, CMC has the expertise to do the job right. CMC can also provide repairs and maintenance on existing underground telecom networks.

We have experience working in all environments and conditions to bury cables anywhere from rural areas to congested urban settings. Trenchless technologies like horizontal directional drilling allow us to install cables with minimal disturbance to landscapes and hardscapes. CMC has built strong relationships with leading utility companies and regional municipalities to facilitate projects. We handle all permitting and coordination to minimize headaches for our clients. Our crews utilize advanced equipment and techniques to work efficiently and keep projects on schedule and within budget. Quality craftsmanship is central to our service. We take great pride in our clean, reliable cable placements and splices. Our highly trained technicians follow industry best practices to deliver long-lasting cable installations that provide decades of uninterrupted service. Safety is also paramount in our projects to protect our crew, clients, and the public.

Underground power, telecom, and fiber optic networks are the backbone of our digital world. Trust the experts at CMC Communication to handle your next underground cable contracting project. Whether a small repair or a multi-mile backbone line, we have the experience, equipment, and dedication to provide the highest quality service. Contact us today to discuss your project and get a competitive bid from our professional and reliable team.

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CMC Communications is a leading telecommunications service provider. We are the top-rated contractor in the industry. We try to give superior service, results, and long-term relationships to our customers.

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Industries We Serve

At CMC Communication, we take great pride in providing cutting-edge telecommunications solutions to a broad range of businesses. Our diverse services are designed to satisfy the specific requirements of companies in a variety of industries, including new construction, healthcare, education, manufacturing, hospitality, and retail. Experience efficient connectivity and enhanced communication systems with CMC Communication.


Trusted cabling contractor for businesses, offering reliable ⁠ network installation and structured cabling solutions.


Advanced technology solutions for large companies, ensuring seamless data connections and efficient management.


Enhance productivity with our professional network ⁠ cabling services and business phone system installations.


Optimize warehouse operations with our tailored network solutions, ⁠ enabling seamless connectivity and efficient data transfer.


Network infrastructure solutions enable continuous operations and streamlined data management in manufacturing facilities.

New Construction

Industry-leading cabling contractor for new construction projects, ⁠ providing structured cabling and fiber optic installation services.


Connect students and educators with our reliable ⁠ network solutions for educational institutions. Experience fast data transfer.


With our network infrastructure, healthcare facilities can enjoy secure ⁠ and efficient communication and smooth data transfer.


Trusted cabling partner for government organizations, ⁠ delivering secure and scalable network solutions.


Enhance guest experiences with our reliable network ⁠ installations for hotels and hospitality establishments.


Streamline operations and enhance customer experience with ⁠ our tailored network solutions for retail environments. ‌


With our network services, small and medium-sized businesses ⁠ can enjoy reliable connectivity and streamlined communication. ​

Brands We Install

At CMC Communication, with decades of experience in the industry, we provide installation services for all leading brands in the market. We maintain strong vendor partnerships to provide customers with optimal solutions using top equipment from global manufacturers.

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