POTS Line Replacement Solution Provider

Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) (also known as PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Network) is a traditional landline system with installed copper wires. These analog lines connect various facilities like alarms, elevators, safety lines, and more. However, more industries and individuals are now switching to more modern, efficient, and cost-effective alternatives.

CMC Communications can be your solution provider by helping you shift from an expensive copper braided line to a more accessible and affordable alternative. This is indeed an improved and enhanced way of paving in this digital era.

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Benefits of POTS line Replacement

POTS lines have been used for a very long time. Traditionally, it was quite understandable that some organizations hesitated to replace the POTS. However, in today’s tech era, it is completely fine to replace the POTS due to many new and modern life-saving or emergency contact features in a compliant manner.

According to the FCC, more than 26 million POTS lines still exist all over the US. So it is not uncommon and late to replace it with better alternatives. But before that, it is essential to be aware of its few benefits:-

  • Cost Saving: Maintaining POTS lines can get quite expensive as they are direct copper lines. A digital alternative relies on modern 4G and 5G communication, which spares you from monthly bills and maintenance hassles.
  • Easy Maintenance: POTS line maintenance requires expensive and lengthy management support. Switching to a suitable alternative makes it easy to maintain as it is wireless communication.
  • Regular Monitoring: Migrating to digital alternatives like ATA adaptor (Analog Telephone Adaptor) or VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) can lead to regular monitoring as they allow remote access, which can also increase reliability.

Some more benefits include proficient calls, regulation compliance, environment-friendly, advanced technology usage, and safety security protocols.

POTS Line Replacement Solution Provider

Ooma Airdial Drop-in Solution

POTS Line Replacement Solution Provider

Which digital alternative is the best solution for POTS replacement? Ooma Airdial is the ideal replacement for the POTS line due to its unique features and system.

The Ooma Airdial drop-in solutions make it really easy to install on any sort of flat surface or wall. It can connect upto 4 FXS (analog) ports with its advanced telephony capabilities and 8+ hours of battery backup.

Ooma Airdial not only provides organizations with all-in-one wireless solutions but also enables them to save money on POTS line maintenance, as the average cost per POTS line may range from $65 – $140 (estimated) nationwide.

Ooma Airdial has remote access management, which means you can monitor your system from a distance. It also simultaneously routes all traffic over LTE and wired ethernet networks, so no calls are dropped. It is a go-to POTS replacement any business or organization should transition with.

Why leading organizations use Ooma AirDial

Ooma Airdial is not only known for its unique and cost-effective features, but it is also a renowned alternative in the industry. Many lead organizations use and recommend it to many business owners. But why? Why do leading organizations use Omma Airdial?

Significant Value: It is a go-to money-saving alternative for you as it can save upto 60% of your monthly bills.

All-in-one Solution: It is an all-in-one solution for your communication line, providing hardware, data, and phone services with no monthly payment burden.

Safety Compliant: It is structured according to the applicable guidelines of the NFPA 72 code and ASME A17.1B, which makes it reputable and compliant.

Visibility booster: It excels in managing all the locations and devices by using an intuitive web portal. It transmits an SMS or email alert when in crisis or low battery state.

Secure Network: Its MFVN-compliant network ensures that the traffic never traverses the public internet.

Wireless Carrier Certification: It is certified with many recognized network certifications, such as T-Mobile, AT&T, UScellular, Verizon, and PTCRB.

These services and features stood out to many leading organizations, making it one of the most recommended alternatives in the industry.

POTS Line Replacement Solution Provider

Grandstream GXW4248 VoIP Gateway

POTS Line Replacement Solution Provider

Many businesses may find it difficult and hesitant to transition to more advanced technology. Therefore, to adapt to modern technology, a hybrid IP or hybrid IP PBX system was created. A hybrid IP system is a kind of middle ground between traditional and advanced telecom. It uses VoIP technology that makes it easier for small businesses, educational institutions, and small premises to use.

Grandstream GXW4248 VoIP Gateway is the product of an innovative idea. It allows any business to create a budget-friendly hybrid IP and analog telephone system, providing multiple benefits of VoIP communication. It fully complies with the SIP standard and is interoperable with various VoIP systems, analog PBXs, and phones. It features a flexible dialing plan, easy provisioning, and firm performance capabilities for handling a high volume of calls.

It is compatible with multiple SIP service providers and compatible IP PBX systems. Some of its unique features include 48 FXS ports, 1 Gigabit network port, and Advanced security protection. These are some of the features that are fitting for small businesses to create a cost-effective telecommunication system that can be both advanced and traditional for the user.

Best POTS Line Replacement Service Provider

The solution is cheaper than the problem. Many business owners and lead organizations are aware of the drawbacks of the POTS line. Therefore, day-by-day, many organizations are opting for POTS replacement. However, any business organization must find a suitable POTS replacement service provider.

We understand the importance of individual solutions based on the nature of the issue and need. We identify the usage of the POTS line. It can be used for personal communication, security, life safety intercom, alarm, or elevator purposes within a residence or a business premises. We provide cost-friendly yet proficient service.

Our team of telecommunication experts is always ready to assist you with remarkable consumer service. It is important to always streamline your business set-up with new technology. However, it can sometimes get overwhelming to keep up with it, especially in the telecom industry, where new and modern technology is introduced every now and then. But we ensure a smooth transition from the POTS line to a digital alternative.

New technology is, after all, introduced to make our lifestyle and business operations easier, and we at CMC Communication make sure that your POTS line is replaced with a top-rated alternative with exceptional service.

POTS Line Replacement Solution Provider

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