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Use CommScope cutting-edge networking solutions to power progress and create lasting connections. We redefine what’s possible from global connectivity, assisting our network partners in solving their most pressing challenges today while innovating better ways for what’s next. Join the digital society as we connect and empower people worldwide.With industry-leading structured cabling, 5G technology, and sustainable practices, our CMC Telecommunication mission is to deliver top-quality solutions. From extending the reach of structured cabling networks to revolutionizing transportation hubs with 5G, our innovative portfolio caters to diverse needs. Trust CommScope for reliable, high-performance connectivity that drives industry efficiency and safety.

CMC Communications Is The Top Rated Commscope Partner

CMC Communications is the top-rated CommScope partner, offering exceptional service and innovative telecom solutions for businesses worldwide. Our products are tailored to meet your specific requirements with maximum efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in mind.

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Commscope Distributor

Commscope Installation Service

CMC Telecommunication, an award-winning partner of CommScope, offers exceptional CommScope Installation Services that will enhance your business connectivity. Our certified network engineers use only high-grade materials and ensure seamless data transfer and secure internet and phone cable connections. Whether it is data cabling, phone wiring, or WiFi setup, our tailored solutions meet your organization’s unique requirements. Experience enhanced productivity, efficient management and secure IT operations by trusting CMC Telecommunication – one of the fastest-growing data-cabling service providers – to take care of your network infrastructure. Get in touch now for a free quote that could take your business to new heights!

Commscope Network Cable Setup

As a CommScope partner, CMC Telecommunication provides structured cabling solutions tailored to your networking needs. We recommend SYSTIMAX cables for premium performance and reliability. For enterprises, we suggest Category 6A cables that support 10GBASE-T networks up to 100m, exceeding Category 6 specs. We offer shielded and unshielded types like F/FTP, F/UTP and U/UTP. Our team helps select the ideal cable type, length and gauge to match your network requirements. We also provide certified installation, documentation and testing.

Commscope Distributor
Commscope Distributor

Commscope Optical Cable Setup

For indoor, outdoor, aerial, underground, and specialty applications, CMC Telecommunication, a top CommScope partner, offers a wide variety of fiber optic cabling. We provide loose tube, tight-buffered, ribbon and other constructions with single-mode, multimode and OM4/OM5 options. For outdoor uses, we offer durable, water-blocked cables for direct burial or conduit installation. Indoors, we provide riser and plenum cables meeting fire codes. Our certified technicians properly install, terminate, test and document your fiber infrastructure.

Commscope Lan Cable Setup

We offer Category 6 and 6A UTP and FTP cables exceeding industry standards. The SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED X10D solution allows 10GBASE-T transmission up to 100m, double standard CAT6A distance. It’s ideal for high-density networks. Our team surveys, advise on optimal cable type/length and provides documented installation and testing. We terminate using quality components per CommScope guidelines. Post-installation testing verifies performance before deployment. We also offer monitoring, maintenance and support.

Commscope Distributor

Industries We Serve

CMC Telecommunication is a leading provider of end-to-end connectivity solutions, leveraging partnerships with top vendors like CommScope to deliver reliable and high-performing network infrastructure across multiple industries.


Trusted cabling contractor for businesses, offering reliable ⁠ network installation and structured cabling solutions.


Advanced technology solutions for large companies, ensuring seamless data connections and efficient management.


Enhance productivity with our professional network ⁠ cabling services and business phone system installations.


Optimize warehouse operations with our tailored network solutions, ⁠ enabling seamless connectivity and efficient data transfer.


Network infrastructure solutions enable continuous operations and streamlined data management in manufacturing facilities.

New Construction

Industry-leading cabling contractor for new construction projects, ⁠ providing structured cabling and fiber optic installation services.


Connect students and educators with our reliable ⁠ network solutions for educational institutions. Experience fast data transfer.


With our network infrastructure, healthcare facilities can enjoy secure ⁠ and efficient communication and smooth data transfer.


Trusted cabling partner for government organizations, ⁠ delivering secure and scalable network solutions.


Enhance guest experiences with our reliable network ⁠ installations for hotels and hospitality establishments.


Streamline operations and enhance customer experience with ⁠ our tailored network solutions for retail environments. ‌


With our network services, small and medium-sized businesses ⁠ can enjoy reliable connectivity and streamlined communication. ​

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