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At CMC Communications we provide “BEST PRICE SOUND MASKING” services, we provide business installation services for Cambridge aka Bi-AMP sound masking products and sound masking system office & call center sound masking . We are the premier certified installer and re-seller for  Bi-AMP sound masking products in Texas. We provide a FULL 6 year warranty on all labor and parts that surpasses even the manufacturers warranty, because they can’t guarantee labor or testing of sound masking issues because they don’t do installations. Cambridge sound masking

Sound Masking is a technique of matching ambient background sounds to the frequency of human voices and common sounds we generate in an office setting, creating sound cancellation. This reduces the intelligibility of the sound and greatly reduces sound distractions. This technique is often referred to as white noise, sound masking or speech privacy.

At CMC Communications, we provide the best call center sound masking system office in Texas. We offer professional installation services for office sound masking which makes the conversation less intelligible thereby creating fewer distractions and increasing speech privacy and productivity.

Our Sound Masking services makes your building quieter by making speech sound a lot less intelligible by creating noise cancellation reducing the overall noise level.
We sell and install commercial and office sound masking systems like our own brand BEST PRICE SOUND MASKING FOR OFFICE and Cambridge Sound Masking Systems (BiAMP) which is effective for speech privacy and increasing workplace productivity by creating fewer distractions.

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Benefits of our Sound Masking and Speech Privacy Services

Our sound masking services prevent accidental listening, promotes speech privacy and encourage a more productive workspace.

  • Reduces Distractions and Noise – Our technology can fade into the background any conversation 15 feet away thereby making your employees concentrate better.
  • Promotes productivity – With fewer noise distractions, employees can better concentrate and focus on their tasks.
  • Enhances Speech Privacy – Without the fear of being overheard in other offices or by others, employees can easily speak freely.
  • Improved Ambient Noise – Our sound masking solution helps to a comfortable and balanced workplace acoustic by not making it too quiet and not too loud as well.

Top Places of Applications

  • Open Offices
  • Conference/board rooms
  • Military and Government buildings
  • Legal courtrooms
  • Schools and Universities
  • Healthcare
  • Banking and Finance
  • Spas and many others

At CMC Communications, we have the manpower and technical skills to surmount any acoustical or architectural challenge using a combination of the best practices with advanced products and solutions. We have office presences in Austin, Houston and San Antonio, you can get in touch today. Contact us to receive a personalized quotation for your sound masking service.

CMC Communications provides sound masking system office in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Round Rock, Georgetown, San Marcos, Kyle, Buda, New Braunfels, Seguin, Boerne, Castroville, Pleasanton, Creedmoor, Manchaca, West Lake Hills, Bee Cave, Lakeway, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Hutto, Manor, Wells Branch, Jollyville, Leander in Texas.

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