What is Distributed Antenna System?

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a system that uses multiple antennas in opposition to a single antenna to offer wireless coverage. It is supplied with great dependability and low power to the same area.

It is used asa cell phone signal booster.It is possible to employ a spread antenna system both indoors and outdoors. It is a viable option for delivering wireless coverage to a variety of locations, including commercial buildings, educational places, hotels and healthcare facilities.

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Benefits of Distributed Antenna Systems:

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Comparison of Commscope DAS and Cel-Fi DAS

Certain points differentiate the Commscope DAS and Cel-Fi Das. Let us know them in detail based on different parameters.

Commscope DAS System

1.Based on Technology
Commscope offers both passive and active types of DAS as well as other DAS options. To increase flexibility and scalability, active DAS uses remote radio units (RRUs) and fibre optic cables to distribute signals.

2.Based on cost
Due to the necessity for fibre optic infrastructure and specialised equipment, active DAS solutions are typically priced higher up front, particularly for bigger installations.

3.Based on installation and deployment
Given the complexity of active DAS systems, Commscope DAS solutions often need expert set-up. They work well in buildings and huge venues where there is an immense demand for wireless connections.

4.Approval time:
Design Approval for Commscope products takes months. The AT & T, Verizon and T Mobile give it.

Commscope DAS System

1.Based on Technology
Conversely, Cel-Fi is well-known for its active DAS products or Smart Signal Boosters. Cellular signals are enhanced and dispersed across a facility by Cel-Fi systems using cutting-edge signal processing.

2.Based on cost
Due to their easier implementation and lower infrastructure requirements, Cel-Fi solutions are often considered to be more affordable, especially for modest installations.

3.Based on installation and deployment
This particular kind of smart signal booster is more suited for tiny to mid-sized buildings because it is effortless to put in place. Installation requires very little technological knowledge because they are plug-and-play.

4.Approval time
Cel-Fi systems are approved beforehand and the installation time is also faster as compared to the Commscope products.


CMC Communications, a certified Cel-Fi installation, is dedicated to providing our customers with affordable cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions. Our main goal is to improve the bad cell coverage that AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile customers experience in business buildings.By selecting Cel-Fi Quatra as our solution, we ensure an economical and cutting-edge DAS system that not only fixes connectivity problems but also sets up your business for expansion.

Our installation services guarantee a smooth and effective process, saving you money and time when combined with Cel-Fi’s state-of-the-art technology. Due to its stellar reputation as one of the top DAS systems, Cel-Fi is a great option for companies wishing to improve their connectivity. When you work with CMC Communications, you’re investing in a solution that will enable your business to grow to new heights. With our dependable and reasonably priced Cel-Fi DAS installations, you may benefit from better mobile service, more efficiency, and the possibility of developing your business.

Commscope DAS System

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