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As a trusted Ubiquiti UniFi Authorized Dealer, CMC Telecommunication specializes in cutting-edge networking solutions for businesses. We offer a wide range of Ubiquiti products and services, empowering your business with reliable, high-performance wireless networks. Our certified team of experts ensures seamless installation and optimal network performance. We provide all types of services related to this brand.

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Ubiquiti Unifi Connect Display

The Ubiquiti UniFi Connect Display sets itself apart with its advanced features and sleek design as a 21.5-inch Full HD PoE++ touchscreen made for UniFi Connect. The ultra-bright touch display of this device ensures that users can effortlessly showcase media, web pages, and Android apps. Whether you need to showcase interactive content or provide a user-friendly interface for your applications, the UniFi Connect Display offers an impressive solution.

The UniFi Connect Display offers many mounting options, showcasing its versatility. The monitor provides an added convenience with its included VESA mount adapter, enabling seamless integration in diverse environments through support for multiple mounting options. Whether you are inclined towards wall mounting or prefer keeping it on your desktop, this device offers versatility to meet your needs. Please note that mounts are sold separately.

Including PoE++ (Power over Ethernet++) support in the UniFi Connect Display makes installing it much simpler and negates any requirement for additional power cables. This feature allows you to use just one Ethernet cable for data connectivity and powering the device, leading to a neater arrangement and simplified deployment.

Elevate your UniFi ecosystem with the inclusion of the remarkable UniFi Connect Display. With UniFi Connect integration, managing and controlling your network becomes a seamless experience. By utilizing UniFi Connect and leveraging the touchscreen display features, you can enhance your network operations and elevate user satisfaction.

Unifi Connect Display Features

Unifi Connect Display Setup

Unifi Connect Display Installation Service

With its powerful capabilities, the Unifi Connect Display can significantly enhance the customer experience for businesses. Its remarkably bright touch display enables the effortless presentation of media, web pages, and Android apps. Installing the display is a breeze and it offers various mounting choices, including a flush mount option for in-wall installation.

For optimal results with your Unifi Connect Display, observing best practices is necessary. Upload your video content and create a unique experience on your Connect Display, Cast, or EV Station using UniFi Connect. Despite that, certain individuals have faced challenges while attempting to upload their videos. In case you face any trouble, verifying if your video file is in the correct format and resolution is recommended.

If you require professional installation for your Unifi Connect Display, there are service providers that can help. These installation services can ensure that your display is installed correctly and optimized for your business needs. By choosing professional installation, you can have the confidence of knowing that your Unifi Connect Display is ready to deliver great results.

Display Cast

With the Cast by Ubiquiti Inc., you can easily transform any TV display that supports HDMI into an efficiently controlled digital signage solution. Users can effortlessly leverage the seamless integration with the UniFi Connect platform to produce and present multimedia playlists for advertising, announcements, or informative content. This device offers convenience for businesses and organizations by utilizing existing screens in reception areas, retail stores, or conference rooms.

With its compatibility with every HDMI display, Display Cast empowers users to utilize their current infrastructure for vibrant digital signage fully. Furthermore, the device offers flexibility in power options, supporting both Power over Ethernet (PoE) and USB-C adapters.

This adaptability simplifies installation and powering, making it suitable for various environments. Take note that Protect camera streaming is not supported by Display Cast. For this purpose, Ubiquiti offers a separate solution called Protect ViewPort, ensuring users have a dedicated device for managing digital signage while using a distinct solution for camera streaming.

Ubiquiti Unifi Connect Display Installer

Display Cast Features

The UniFi Connect Display Cast is an impressive device that can quickly turn any TV display that supports HDMI into a controlled digital signage solution. Thanks to its seamless integration with UniFi Connect, you can effortlessly present personalized multimedia playlists.

Accessories For Connect Display

Are you looking to accessorize your Connect Display? Look only as far as the Ubiquiti Store, where you’ll find an array of options, including table stands, VESA mount adapters, Flushmounts, Surface Mounts, and Armmounts. Customize your viewing experience with ease by utilizing these accessories that enhance the functionality and versatility of the Connect Display, allowing for personalized placement.

Ubiquiti Unifi Connect Display Installer

Display Table Stand

A sturdy stand designed for the UniFi Connect Display and Connect Display Max, providing a convenient tabletop mounting solution.

Ubiquiti Unifi Connect Display Installer

Display Arm Mount

A mount specifically designed for the UniFi Connect Display allows flexible and adjustable positioning on walls or other surfaces.

Ubiquiti Unifi Connect Display Installer

Display Flush Mount

Ensure a sleek and integrated appearance by utilizing the specialized mount when installing the UniFi Connect Display on walls or surfaces.

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