Ericsson Distributed Antenna System

Ericsson Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a telecommunications infrastructure solution used to improve wireless bandwidth and availability in indoor and outdoor environments. With the deliberate placement of several antenna nodes carefully situated around a location or region, DAS distributes signals from a centralised base station to increase the coverage area of cellular networks, including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and increasingly, 5G.

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Ericsson DAS System

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Ericsson DAS System

DAS cellular services increase coverage indoors and in remote areas where traditional networks could have trouble, all while promoting seamless communication through a network of antennas linked to a central hub.

Through the uniform distribution of signal strength, DAS reduces dead zones and guarantees reliable connectivity in a range of settings. To address the increasing demand for dependable mobile connectivity, this technology is commonly used in places like office buildings, hospitals, and retail malls.

Additionally, DAS supports several carriers, giving customers uninterrupted access to their preferred network. It is the perfect option for improving cellular services in both urban and rural locations due to its scalability and flexibility. DAS keeps becoming more and more advanced, contributing to the global improvement of mobile communication infrastructure.

Additionally, DAS systems may be easily integrated with new technologies like as 5G, allowing for lower latency and greater data throughput for next-generation mobile experiences. DAS continues to be a flexible solution that can be adjusted to changing connection needs as mobile networks change, providing future-proofing against technological improvements.

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DAS system installation

For seamless cellular communication in both indoor and outdoor settings, we provide installation of Passive, Active, and Hybrid DAS. Our passive DAS systems disperse and amplify the available wireless signals in a certain area to improve cellular coverage and capacity. This technology works best in regions where there is a strong signal already in place, but to cover all ground, it must be dispersed well. Our DAS system installers provide a flawless installation and address any related problems.

Our Active DAS solutions are useful in areas where cellular signals are patchy or weak. To guarantee a robust and dependable connection across the specified region, we can enhance cellular signals by utilising fibre-optic cables and judiciously positioned signal boosters. Sometimes, to have the best possible cellular coverage, a combination of passive and active DAS technologies is needed.

Sometimes, to have the best possible cellular coverage, a combination of passive and active DAS technologies is needed. Our Hybrid DAS solutions offer an efficient and extensive cellular network by seamlessly integrating the benefits of both technologies.

Ericsson DAS System

Comparison of Ericsson DAS and Cel-Fi DAS

Ericsson DAS System

1.Based on Technology
Ericsson devices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that comes with a plethora of capabilities. These products offer complete solutions for improving cellular coverage at a price point that is premium.

2.Based on cost
In comparison to Cel-Fi DAS solutions, Ericsson products are generally more expensive because of their sophisticated features and well-known brand.

3.Based on installation and deployment
Due to their complexity, Ericsson devices may need more specialised knowledge and take longer to deploy than Cel-Fi DAS systems.

4.Approval time:
Regulatory considerations and the requirement for extensive testing may make the deployment approval procedure more drawn out, even though Ericsson products are highly acclaimed for their performance and quality.

Commscope DAS System

1.Based on Technology
Cel-fi DAS devices use cutting-edge technology specifically designed to improve cellular coverage effectively. They offer dependable performance comparable to Ericsson devices but at a reduced price.

2.Based on cost
Compared to Ericsson products, Cel-Fi DAS solutions are more affordable because of their affordability and low pricing without sacrificing performance.

3.Based on installation and deployment
Compared to Ericsson products, Cel-Fi DAS systems are easier to install and need less knowledge, which leads to quicker deployment timelines.

4.Approval time
Cel-Fi DAS products are more likely than Ericsson solutions to obtain accelerated regulatory approvals because of their established dependability and standard compliance. This allows for a quicker implementation timeframe.


To sum up, both Ericsson goods and Cel-Fi DAS systems present workable choices for improving cellular coverage in diverse contexts. Modern technology and extensive features are excellently provided by Ericsson products, although they are more expensive, may require more specialised installation knowledge, and take longer to deploy. However, with cutting-edge technology designed for effective coverage augmentation, Cel-Fi DAS systems present a reasonably priced substitute. Cel-Fi DAS systems offer a more economical and efficient solution for companies looking to enhance cellular connectivity, thanks to their plug-and-play ease of use and quicker regulatory approvals.

Selecting Cel-Fi offers a more beneficial and profitable choice for your company. It saves installation and upfront costs while providing performance that is on par with Ericsson products. Moreover, Cel-Fi’s quick deployment method guarantees little downtime for businesses, enabling them to benefit from enhanced cellular coverage without experiencing significant downtime. Cel-Fi DAS solutions are essentially the most economical and efficient option available to companies seeking to maximise value while improving connectivity.

Ericsson DAS System

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