Businesses are increasingly investing in cloud backup services for securely saving files and data

These files and data can be restored and recovered in the event of a system failure, natural disaster or an outage. Cloud back services make use of remote servers to securely save files and data, then allows access and restore when needed.

CMC Communications has spent lots of time doing product research and testing different applications that are streamlined, most current technologies and ease of use. With so many cloud backup service providers available, CMC strongly recommends Microsoft OneDrive after many detailed research and tests. For the best cloud backup service, choose Microsoft OneDrive. It delivers everything in a complete package at an affordable rate. Microsoft OneDrive has an amazing backup and recovery feature that allows you to recover your lost data in seconds. The features and benefits of Microsoft OneDrive far surpass other cloud backup services companies available.


Microsoft OneDrive has the following advantages:

  • Access from anywhere – OneDrive gives you the freedom to access, share, and edit your files from all your devices no matter your location as long as you have internet access.
  • Backup and restore – with OneDrive, you won’t lose your files if you lose your device. All your files are securely backed up and you can easily restore them.
  • Share and work together – OneDrive gives you access to share your files with colleagues and collaborate right from the cloud.
  • Fully Automated computer desktop restore.
  • Work from multiple computers with the same exact files and setup at all locations. A new computer will look just like your old, existing or computer that broke.

CMC Communications provides scalable streamlined Microsoft reselling services and Microsoft licences management that can help save you time and money. In addition to the cloud backup service, we also have solutions for servers and database backup systems.

For the best price for all your Microsoft product needs, ask a CMC Communications Sales Engineer for a quote today. You can find us in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and other neighbouring cities in Texas. Please call one of the Sales Engineers today for more information.

Advantages of Cloud Backup Service:

    • It is cost-effective

Cloud storage is an affordable way of securing a large amount of data instead of huge investments in private servers plus the resources to maintain them.

    • Reduces maintenance cost

The company providing the cloud service bears the responsibility of maintenance of the servers. This reduces the cost of managing your own business.

    • Stores data on an external server

The second copy of all your data and files are stored on a safe and remote server different from yours. In the case of any internal server failure or natural disaster or even a change of device, you can easily restore all your important data and files from the cloud storage. This process is easy and fast since it doesn’t require any physical transportation, everything is on the cloud.

    • Access your data and file through the internet

With the documents on the cloud, you can access them from any location through the internet. You can have access to your files on multiple devices while on the go.

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