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Structured Cabling & Fiber Optic Contractor

Structured Cabling
Structured Cabling

CMC Communications provides Structured Cabling Contractor Services in Austin, San Antonio and Houston.

Fiber Optic Contractors
Fiber Optic Contractor

CMC Communications is one of the best fiber optic contractors in Austin, San Antonio and Houston.

OTDR Testing Houston
OTDR Testing

At CMC Communications we test and certify all Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7 network cabling with our Fluke Certification tester.

Low Voltage Cabling Service
Low Voltage Cabling Service

Being able to make proper pathways for all the low voltage cabling through walls and floors is very important. Low voltage cabling is a major part of new age business for structured cabling companies.

Commercial Audio Video Installation
Commercial Audio Video Installation

CMC Communications provides Commercial Audio Video Installation for conference rooms, overhead paging, TV’s and projectors. Allow our smart hands to install TV’s, projectors, speakers and all your low voltage cabling.

Data Center Cabling Installation
Data Center Cabling Installation

CMC Communications has lot of experience with data center cabling, mounting racks, raised floors, grounding and bonding, fusion splicing and cabinet installation services for all your data center cabling needs.

Sound Masking For Offices

Sound Masking For Offices

Sound Masking For Offices can be very important depending on the acoustical environment of your office. With out Sound Masking For Offices you might have a lot of employees that cannot work efficiently because of loud distractions or just general office space sounds. Also HR issues with being able to hear through walls and just general water cooler gossip getting out of control. Well a properly install sound masking system can solve all these issues and in all cases we see office productively go way up because of less distractions and better concentration.

Acoustic Sound Panels

A properly installed sound masking system for offices is still the best way to treat problems with the acoustical environment problems. However when acoustical problems are severe that’s when acoustic sound panels come into play. Made with special 3M acoustic treatment materials Acoustic sound panels can be installed on the wall or as a floating ceiling cloud. We typically install them in office areas that have concert floors, concert ceilings and areas that just need treatment.

Office Paging System & Office Music System

You might be asking yourself why is Office Paging System & Office Music System under the office sound masking category? That’s because the new direct field sound masking systems for office can do sound masking, paging and music all at the same time. That’s right we can integrate our sound masking system to work with your existing phone system for paging. We can play music through our sound masking system with sound masking on or off and have paging all work at the same time or just one of them with a full matrix of volume options per zone. That might sound complicated but it’s not once it’s installed. Call us today so we can save you money as this investment pays for itself.

Find Internet Provider & Cellular DAS System

Need help to find internet provides? This simple task might be much harder than you think. If you find yourself in a jam and can’t find internet providers in your area for your business please give us a call, we will make this sometimes hard task easy.

Cabling Contractor

Outside Plant – Underground Cable Contractor

Fibre Optic Installation

CMC Communications provides fiber optic installation services. We have certifications that support our ability’s to be a fiber optic contractor from Corning, CommScope, BICSI and RCDD.

Network Test & Turn Up’s

Are you adding a new service to a tower or fiber ring? Let our team of low voltage cabling & smart hands technician take care of the network field work.

Air Blown Fiber & Micro Trenching

Air Blown Fiber technology and micro trenching reduces fiber optic installation impact, costs and expands fiber optic network upgradability speed. One of the many reason you need CMC Communications as your Underground Cable Contractor and fiber optic contractor.

Directional Drilling & Boring

CMC Communications is a underground cable contractor that provides horizontal directional drilling & boring services for fiber optics and fiber optic splicing.

Smart Hands & Network Roll Out

CMC Communications offers the best smart hands for network roll-out services in the cities of Austin, Houston, San Antonio in Texas. We deliver efficient, accurate and fast service which help position network providers for a more competitive and optimal delivery.

Network Rack & Stack

CMC Communications provides rack & stack services for a variety of data centers and Internet Service Providers like Zayo and cell phone carriers like T-Mobile. We know everything from your UPS, low voltage cabling, low voltage fuse blocks to racking services, switches and providing smarts hands.

Business Phone Systems

CMC Communications is one of the best Business Phone System Installers in Austin, San Antonio and Houston. The importance of a complete and well furnished business phone system for business has never been so important. CMC Communications is not just a business phone system Installer but will run all the voice and data cables you need as well. Business phone system installation is the heart of your businesses productivity. The best priced business phone system is our specialty with the most new high end feather rich easy to use platform.