Rack and Stack Network Cabling Services

Save your IT resource the hassle, focus on your core business, and eliminate the unforeseen by letting our team of professionals handle your rack and stack network cabling services. Let CMC Communications design, assemble, rack, and professionally stack your equipment whether onsite or before shipping.

Our rack and stack service will eliminate the daunting and labour-intensive tasks associated with the installation of storage devices, server clusters, switches, etc. Our experienced network deployment technicians can rack and cable your products using the best practices at either your premises or before shipping your products thus ensuring accuracy, consistency, and high quality.

As one of the best rack and stack service providers in the cities of Austin, Houston, San Antonio in Texas, we take into full consideration important factors such as the load/weight capacity, rack-mount equipment, and rack height in our installation services.


We understand the role of on-site servers play in your organization; thus we prioritize its assembling and maintenance by offering the best price while reducing the technical and financial burden of racking and stacking. Remember that a messy rack is a hot rack causing hot air to be trapped thus causing a hot server.

Our rack and stack service include:

  • Rack design and layout
  • Hardware unpacking
  • Inventory checking and labelling
  • Professional mounting and assembling
  • Hardware validation and Full diagnostic
  • Asset labelling/tagging
  • Power/ intra-cabinet/network/ cabling
  • Complete documentation

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