CMC Communication is the right place for all your cell phone carrier and ISP services.

CMC Communication is the right place for all your cell phone carrier and ISP services. At CMC Communications, we have the manpower and technicalities to provide services like Demarc extensions via fiber optics and Cat5e or Cat6. We also provide professional services such as Test & Turn Up’s, Rack & Stack, Roll Out’s, Testing, Fiber Optics, Directional Drilling & Boring, Under Ground Fiber Optics, and Micro Trenching & Air Blown Fiber that are major skillsets that Cell phone carriers & Internet Service Provider looking for with their subcontractors.

CMC Communications is a cell phone carrier subcontractor specializing in groundwork. We provide excellent groundwork services using best practices and cost-effective methods. We have the best tools like OTDR’s, Fluke testers, fiber optic fusion splicers, fusion splicing trailers, optical light meters and volt meters. CMC Communications has experienced professionals to execute projects that optimize resource utilization while adding value to your organization

Test & Turn-Ups

The equipment needed for efficient and effective business operations needs competent and professional services. CMC Communications offer professional installation services that meet the quality requirements and expectations of our customers. We have a strong reputation for quality, our expert installers deliver top-notch craftsmanship and have installations running for several years now.

CMC Communications professionals have the manpower and equipment needed to access a network to turn up and test the network elements according to the guidelines on the Network Engineering Specification Book. Our professionals will carry out a test plan and the results will be recorded on a final report.

Core Hole Drilling

Core hole drilling has become an essential service for several reasons. Besides the efficient and fast removal of waste, core hole drilling can make precise and accurate holes in the right spot. For this reason and more, it has come useful for a broad range of services. Whether for new construction, remodelling or renovation, we have an accurate way of cutting through walls with precision. We follow the best practice and have the latest and sophisticated cutting tools to precisely make the hole for different purposes

Directional Drilling & Boring

CMC Communications uses special Horizontal Directional Drills (HDD) technology for underground fiber optic installation services to connect buildings while bypassing and dodging obstructions such as rivers, streams, streets, or parking lots.

This trenchless technique is useful while upgrading a fiber network for extra bandwidth without needing to trench up or excavate a long distance. As a professional installer, we understand the advantages Horizontal Directional Drills (HDD) offers such as the reduced safety risks and as well as less impact on buildings, landscaping, slabs, rail lines and yards.

Rack & Stack

Our rack and stack service will eliminate the daunting and labour-intensive tasks associated with the installation of storage devices, server clusters, switches, etc. Our experienced network deployment technicians can rack and cable your products using the best practices at either your premises or before shipping your products thus ensuring accuracy, consistency, and high quality.

As one of the best rack and stack service providers in the cities of Austin, Houston, San Antonio in Texas, we take into full consideration important factors such as the load/weight capacity, rack-mount equipment, and rack height in our installation services.
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Micro Trenching & Air Blown Fiber

At CMC Communications, we bring you the best micro trenching, micro-duct and air-blown fiber optic cabling service at an affordable rate. Using the best practices, we install fiber optic cable that will maximize your network speed and efficiency.

Using Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Air-Blown Fiber technology, we offer a cost-saving and flexible installation of fiber optic cables. Our air-blown fiber optic services increase your competitive edge, and it is very compatible with most network infrastructure designs. With this equipment, we can install the exact count of the exact fiber cable in a smaller number of days. Thus, saving unnecessary manpower while delivering highly scalable cabling solutions. As a professional installer, we conduct easy and fast installations.

Fiber Optics Cabling

CMC Communications provides the best fiber optics cabling service in the cities of Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and neighbouring cities in Texas. We can work on different types of fiber optics cables such as the Single-Mode Fiber (SM) and the Multimode Fiber. Our Single Mode fiber cables can deliver speeds between 1GB to 10GB per fiber pair. They are available in both Armoured and Non-armoured. Our Single Mode fiber cabling solutions come in either OS1 or OS2. OS1 uses the tight buffer construction while OS2 uses a loose tube construction or also known as blown cable.

Network Roll-out

CMC Communications offers the best roll-out services in the cities of Austin, Houston, San Antonio in Texas. We deliver efficient, accurate and fast service which help position network providers for a more competitive and optimal delivery. Our top-notch project management, installation, site engineering, and product configuration enable excellent end-to-end deployment.

Our professional services are available at the best prices. The solutions we offer will simplify the end-to-end deployment ensuring a rapid roll-out with minimal risk. Whether you are expanding existing networks or installing new technologies, we have a strong multi-vendor capability and a large pool of professionals to meet your project demands. Our roll-out solutions offer all the required resources necessary to build a world-class communications network

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