Cel-Fi Quatra DAS System

The Cel-Fi DAS Quatra system is a robust cellular coverage solution designed for large buildings. It improves indoor cellular coverage by boosting signals from neighbouring cell towers through the use of sophisticated signal processing techniques. Quatra is a great option for enhancing cellular reception in business and enterprise settings because of its simple installation process and self-optimization features, which guarantee uninterrupted voice and data communication across various carriers.

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Over 80% of corporate customers in the digital age get frustrated by inadequate coverage or dropped calls, especially because most mobile use happens indoors. This is a result of the energy-efficient materials used in modern buildings frequently blocking or attenuating cellular signals from external networks. Also, dependable cellphone coverage is getting more and more important; in certain places, it’s even seen as a safety or legal need. Nextivity has developed Cel-Fi Quatra solutions specifically for middle-class buildings in partnership with integrators and carriers to address these issues.

A simplified method for enhancing indoor cellular coverage is provided by these creative fixes. Because of its all-digital, scalable technology, Cel-Fi can operate in situations with one or more carriers and offers tools like the Quatra BOM Estimator to streamline planning and cut expenses. Cel-Fi has unveiled an Active DAS Hybrid solution optimised for installers, fusing its core technology with an Active DAS’s architecture. Cel-Fi Quatra is revolutionary for improving communication in corporate environments because it allows enterprises to take advantage of dependable cellular connectivity indoors without having to wait for long deployment times as many older solutions do.

Cel-Fi Quatra DAS System

Benefits of Quatra DAS system

Cel-Fi Quatra DAS Products

Cel-Fi Quatra 4000

Commscope DAS System

The innovative and reasonably priced Cel-Fi Quatra 4000 system is intended to improve cellular signals in buildings. This technology guarantees steady connectivity by addressing typical problems including weak signals, poor call quality, dropped calls, and dead zones in medium- to large-sized buildings. In contrast to outmoded methods, QUATRA 4000 maintains signal strength throughout the building perimeter by using specialised cables for both power and signal transmission. It stands out as the most practical and efficient option for enhancing indoor mobile reception due to its easy installation, carrier approval, and network safety assurance.

Cel-fi Quatra 4000 Network Unit:-

The Network Unit (NU) functions as the system’s central core. It resembles the control panel. Up to six Coverage Units can be used with this adaptable design to cover a vast area of up to 125,000 square feet (11,600 square metres). The NU performs multiple critical functions, including powering up to six Coverage Units, transmitting external signals throughout the system, and establishing a connection with the Cel-Fi WAVE Platform to enable remote management and monitoring. To put it another way, it serves as the system’s brain and energy source, making sure everything functions properly.

Cel-Fi Quatra 4000e

People frequently experience poor call quality, dropped calls, weak mobile connections, and spots with no signal at all in middle-sized buildings. Cel-Fi Quatra 4000e provides a contemporary, cost-effective solution to address this. It ensures that everyone can stay connected by dispersing robust and distinct mobile signals around the building. Cell phone providers have accepted this method, and it won’t interfere with the network in any way. Cel-Fi Quatra significantly strengthens the signal up to a thousand times stronger than older systems. For stronger communications and power that reach every corner of the building without warning, it makes use of specialised cables. It’s also easy to set up, so you will not be waiting for months to have better reception for your phone.

Coverage Unit of Cel-fi Quatra 4000 e:-

The Coverage Unit (CU) broadcasts the signal it receives in its capacity as the system’s distant unit. With Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) powering up to six CUs, this system is inexpensive and easy to set up. By using Power-Over-Ethernet to draw power from the Network Unit, the CU increases coverage within the Cel-Fi Quatra system (up to six per Network Unit).

Cel-Fi Quatra DAS System

Cel-Fi Quatra 4000c

Cel-Fi Quatra DAS System

A novel approach that integrates both public and private cellular coverage is Cel-Fi Quatra 4000c. This unique combination of CBRS-like private networking capabilities and the superior cellular coverage of Cel-Fi Quatra systems is unmatched. All occupants of the building can have uninterrupted connectivity thanks to multi-operator coverage. Furthermore, it enables companies to broaden their communication strategy by incorporating a private network in addition to dependable public cellular coverage. Put more simply, it’s a unique technology that guarantees robust connections for all users and provides the option to incorporate private networks for enterprises.

Cel-fi Quatra 4000 c Network Unit:-

The Quatra 4000c Network Unit is the main hub of the system. Three major mobile providers (AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile) and one private network are represented among its four signal ports. Ensuring dependable cellular service within large buildings, each device can connect to up to six service Units via Power over Ethernet (PoE). Stated differently, it serves as the central nervous system, monitoring and controlling signals from both public and private networks to ensure that all users within the building remain connected.

Cel-Fi Quatra-2000

People sometimes experience issues with poor quality calls, dropped calls, weak or non-existent mobile signals, and places with no coverage at all in middle-sized buildings. Cel-Fi Quatra 2000 provides an inexpensive remedy for this. Authorised by mobile carriers and safe for networks, it disperses robust and clear cell signals throughout the building. The signal is up to a thousand times stronger with Cel-Fi Quatra than it is with older systems! It makes use of specialised cables to ensure that power and signals are distributed evenly throughout the building without warning. You won’t have to wait months to experience improved mobile reception because it is also easy to install.

Cel-fi Quatra 2000 Coverage Unit:-

The Cel-Fi Quatra Coverage Unit (CU) is like a remote broadcaster in the system. After receiving the donor signal, it resends it. Utilising Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) to power up to four CUs, this system is affordable and simple to set up.
With up to four CUs connecting to a single Network Unit, each QUATRA CU covers the QUATRA system. Through the use of Power-Over-Ethernet, the Network Unit provides power to the CUs. These units are also intelligent; they configure and maintain proper operation without requiring much user interaction. Recall that QUATRA 2000 CUs can only be used with QUATRA 2000 NUs.

Cel-Fi Quatra DAS System

Cel-Fi Quatra-1000

Cel-Fi Quatra DAS System

Cel-Fi The solution to bothersome smartphone issues like phone calls dropping and spotty signals in business buildings and workplaces is QUATRA 1000. Strong and clear cellular signals are dispersed throughout the house using this reasonably priced equipment. It employs specialised cables for better signals and power, reaching every part of the building without losing strength. It is approved by carriers and safe for networks. It also requires only a few days to install, as opposed to months as with other alternatives. In addition to covering a far larger area than previous boosters and antenna systems, QUATRA 1000 ensures uninterrupted network connectivity for all users

Accessories used for Cel-fi Quatra 1000

  • QUATRA Range Extender: The Cel-Fi Quatra Range Extender (QRE) is an Ethernet-powered device that increases the gap between the Coverage Unit and the Cel-Fi Quatra Network Unit.
  • QUATRA Fibre Range Extender: Using fibre optic technology, the QUATRA Fibre Range Extender increases the distance between the Network Unit and the Coverage Unit by up to 2 kilometres.
  • QUATRA Small Cell Interface: By acting as the QUATRA 1000’s donor source, the Small Cell Interface (SCIF) streamlines RF connections between small cells and network units.

Cel-Fi Quatra-1000 FN

Reliable FirstNet cellular coverage in buildings is ensured by the Cel-Fi Quatra 1000 FN, which is essential for communications during emergencies. It addresses typical problems in mid-sized buildings, such as poor signals and dropped calls. Strong and reliable cellular connections are available around the facility with this reasonably priced, all-digital system that is adaptable to any scale. Reliable connectivity is guaranteed by the carrier approval and network safety of Cel-Fi products. With the use of specific cables for enhanced efficiency without signal loss, QUATRA 1000 FN produces a substantially stronger signal than prior systems. It fits into middle-class budgets and can be installed in a matter of days as opposed to months. When it counts most, you can rely on the best coverage with QUATRA 1000 FN. Communication is crucial during critical times.

Its affordable, digital approach fixes mid-sized building connectivity problems. Carrier approval ensures network security and up to 1000 times greater signal delivery. Installing it takes only a few days thanks to cutting-edge technology, and it fits within middle-sized business budgets, guaranteeing dependable communication during critical times.

Cel-Fi Quatra DAS System

Cel-Fi Quatra-Evo

Commscope DAS System

Cel-Fi Quatra EVO is a specially designed solution for businesses that struggle with inadequate cellular coverage. It’s perfect for locations such as shops, hotels, schools, and medical centres. It’s made to improve one or two operators’ interior signal coverage. It is a flexible substitute for QUATRA 2000 and QUATRA 1000. Cellular coverage issues are addressed with Cel-Fi Quatra EVO in business environments such as retail stores, hotels, schools, and medical facilities. It can accommodate one or two operators with its two programmable interfaces. By utilising cutting-edge technology, it provides dependable coverage and great connectivity for customers, rendering it a flexible and efficient solution.

Its two programmable ports provide flexibility: in dual-operator mode, two separate donors each support two bands, while in single-operator mode, one donor signal supports four bands. Complete, dependable coverage is provided throughout the building by both modalities. It ensures that consumers have the best possible connectivity by connecting devices to the best operator bands through the use of cutting-edge technologies. It’s an affordable option for fixing cellular coverage issues in a variety of workplace situations, and installation is simple.

Cel-Fi Shield Solo

By enhancing off-air signals from a 700/800 MHz LMR donor antenna, Cel-fi SHIELD SOLO expands coverage via local service antennas. It has a 12-hour battery backup function that may be used with a compatible Cel-Fi Battery Backup Unit (BBU) or other similar device. The Cel-Fi WAVE Portal allows customers to access cloud-based administration and diagnostics when they have WAN internet access. Installing and configuring the system is made easier with the WAVE PRO mobile app, and extra parts like valves and radios improve usability. This easy-to-use technology ensures network safety and avoids oscillations by automating complex installation tasks, enabling rapid deployment and testing.

Installation of Cel-fi Shield Solo:-

All of the SHIELD SOLO solution’s parts are rated NEMA 4X after installation, meaning they can survive outside weather. However, care must be taken when installing or maintaining open units or cable connections to avoid damage from water or debris. The installation site must have enough ventilation, and the device must function within certain humidity and temperature ranges. Furthermore, make sure the mounting platform is sturdy enough to sustain the weight of the equipment and shield it from the sun, offering more cover if necessary.

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Quatra DAS solution installation

Cel-Fi Quatra DAS System

There are multiple processes involved in installing the Quatra DAS technology to guarantee flawless cellular coverage throughout the building. For the reception of donor signals, the Network Unit (NU), which acts as the hub, is first positioned strategically. The building’s Coverage Units (CUs) are then placed throughout to relay boosted signals to specific regions. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is used by the system to transmit data and power, making installation easier. To preserve the integrity and power of the transmission, category cabling is used. To guarantee peak performance, proper airflow and control of temperatures are also necessary. Last but not least, access to the Cel-Fi WAVE Platform allows for remote administration and monitoring for continuing upkeep and troubleshooting. The installation of Quatra DAS provides dependable mobile service for building tenants through meticulous preparation and installation.

After installation, the Quatra DAS system ensures improved cellular coverage throughout the building, resolving problems with dropped calls and dead zones. Its shortened installation process and remote administration capabilities guarantee effortless interaction for every resident, improving the user experience as a whole.

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