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    If we can we will beat all competitors prices. We will not lose a deal on price unless it’s some cheap asterisk phone system or a non-comparable, non- cloud system. Switch to Avaya Cloud Office from your old system and get promotional deals that are unbeatable! Move away from Zoom and save money per seat […]

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  • 4.2 min read

    At CMC Communications over the years we have sold and owned many phone systems. A lot of them are very expensive and complicated to setup especially for initial implementation. Ten years ago we would have never ever sold a customer a cloud biased VOIP phone system, absolutely no way, just not reliable enough. Back then […]

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  • What are network cabling solutions helpful for? Cabling is typically the backbone of entire IT networks. Network cable televisions are needed to connect and transfer data and also information in between computer systems, web servers, routers, and different storage devices. When you have a local business or even if you work from your home office, […]

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  • What are network cabling services good for? Cabling is usually the backbone of entire IT networks. Network cable televisions are needed to connect as well as transfer information as well as info between computers, servers, routers, and also various storage gadgets. When you own a local business and even if you function from your office, […]

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  • Whether you want full control of your IT department or are looking to outsource it to seasoned professionals, the team at CMC Communications is ready to find a solution to suit you. Find a Professional and Personalized IT Solution Technology can help businesses to run smoother but that doesn’t mean every business owner needs to […]

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  • The big question: Does QuickBooks Multi User & Microsoft Azure provide support for each? Is it the easiest, most cost efficient way to host a multi user QuickBooks server in the cloud so you can access your QuickBooks database remotely? The answer to both is yes. CMC Communications Corp. is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider […]

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  • WHATEVER WE SELL We professionally install it > We test it> We offer free training > We offer service contracts or  just simply hand control of it to you. Technical solutions made simple.  Cloud managed networking solutions  How can it benefit you and save you money with your IT budget. Let’s take a look: Depending […]