Did you know that more than 1/4 of Americans rely on dial-up internet service? This type of internet is too slow to play online video games, stream videos, or engage in video chats. And if you struggle to use this type of internet at home, imagine how detrimental it could be to your business.

Your business is even more important because if your connection to the outside world goes down, you can’t make money and your customers may lose faith in your ability to best serve them. This is why your voice and data cabling is so important.

These cables may seem like an afterthought to you but without a strong connection, your business can’t function. Keep reading to find out all the things to think through for your small enterprise’s voice and data cabling needs.

Small Enterprise Focus

Picking the right kind of cabling is an important factor for your small enterprise. In today’s connected world, your cabling is essential to your success so you want to get it right.

Overall Office Plan

When planning out what type of cabling needs you have, start with an overall office plan. You want to think through some key big picture items like:

  • Where are your computer stations going to be?
  • Do you need a server room?
  • What type of data will you be sending?
  • Do you need phone and internet connections?
  • What will your WiFi needs be?

These are just a few of the many things you will need to think through while planning out your office. Even if you are going to have a small office you want to have an idea of your needs.

The key is to find the right network installation professionals in your area. Whether your need is network cabling San Antonio or a cabling contractor in Austin, they can help you diagram a great office setup.

Future Preparedness

You also want to think about the future of your business and the growth possibilities. Laying some extra cabling is much easier and less expensive at the beginning.

Plan ahead and have some extra cabling set up for expansion. This will help make growing a whole lot easier.

What You Do Matters

You also want to take into account what you do and what special needs you will have. Security needs will often dictate what type of cabling and connections you install.

You also want to think through how much data you will stream and if you need cabling for large data feeds.

Voice and Data Cabling

Your voice and data needs will often define what type of system you set up. Even with VoIP services, many offices still need plain old telephone services (POTS) installed.

Local Regulations

Getting your voice and data cabling installed correctly means understanding the local regulations that apply. Many cities and states have specific regulatory requirements when installing voice and data cabling.

You want to make sure you get voice and data cabling contractors who understand these requirements.

Built for Clear Communication

Good communication is essential for your internal communications and faulty cabling will hurt your abilities. You may also have to take into account communication to other office locations.

This means connecting over long distances so you want to set up cables that can handle that. Poor communication can cause problems within an office and across a region so good cabling is important.

Wires Are Still Needed

Even if you plan to use mostly WiFi communication at your office, wires still have to be run. The wires connect your WiFi hubs across your office and help everyone stay connected as they travel across the office.


Many businesses still use fax for communicating sensitive data and other important reasons. If your office sends and receives sensitive data by fax, you want to make sure your cabling is ready.

This is something you may want to install for later use even if you don’t need it right now.

Structured Cabling

The right structured cabling professional can build your entire office infrastructure for connection and communication. Telephone and data services are often part of an entire package of planning for an office.

This means the entire lifeblood of your business is dependent on your structured cabling contractor. Look for one that has plenty of know-how and experience in building structured systems.

You also want to make sure they offer lifetime warranties on the cabling installations. Too many cabling contractors only offer short-term warranties and those don’t help you out if something happens in a couple of years.

Commercial Network Cabling in San Antonio

If your commercial business needs are growing, you want to think about getting the right commercial cabling expert. Your needs could call for a solid base of fiber cabling or a full data center cabling job.

As more and more companies move into the San Antonio, Austin, and Houston areas, the need for strong connections will only grow. Look for a network installer that has the ability to grow with you.

They can take care of your small enterprise solutions now, but will also help you expand as you need it. You can even share your growth vision with them and they can often lay the groundwork for future expansion inexpensively.

Let Your Small Enterprise Start on the Right Path

Voice and data cabling may not seem like a big deal for your small enterprise now, but you want to think about growth. You want to find the right installer who has the experience to help you prepare for now and the future.

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