If we can we will beat all competitors prices.

We will not lose a deal on price unless it’s some cheap asterisk phone system or a non-comparable, non- cloud system.

Switch to Avaya Cloud Office from your old system and get promotional deals that are unbeatable!

Move away from Zoom and save money per seat with Avaya by integrating the costs for on-line meetings into your phone system.

International Calling fees between two offices in different countries? We say no way…

With “Least cost routing” –  (for example if you have a location in Europe and in the United states you get to call to both locations for both offices (not just the office locations but localizing calling to those office area countries). Greatly reducing international calling costs to little or almost nothing.

We mean business and CMC Communications will not waste your time. Call us now to get the latest a greatest best office phone system for the best price. All we need to know to get started for the first call with us is how many seats/phones total, how many phone numbers total, do you have a 800 number or not, business name, address, point of contact and email. We will fine tune the quote later but that is all we need to get started.

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