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In-Building Bi-Directional Cellular Amplifiers
Wilson Electronics single band “SmartTechnology” In-Building amplifiers offer exceptional performance without causing harmful interference to the cell site.

Wilson’s single band amplifiers are available for 800MHz, 800MHz iDen / Nextel, 900MHz (GSM & iDen) and 1900MHz.

Why Wilson Building Cellular Amplifier Systems
Wilson Electronics’ non down-converted bi-directional amplifiers are the most technologically advanced cellular amplifiers on the market today. Their most important feature is patented oscillation shutdown protection, which activates complete shutdown within just a few milliseconds to prevent harmful interference to cell sites. Wilson amplifiers also offer completely adjustable software-controlled automatic gain control, both on forward and reverse links, which allows the amplifiers to meet CDMA and GSM ACPR requirements. The amplifiers are invisible within CDMA and GSM systems. They also have the capability of following base station power requests which allows maintaining the full power dynamic range of the cell phone.

In Building Cellular Repeaters
An in building cellular amplifier has 3 major components. An outside antenna, amplifier and an inside antenna. The signal is received by the outside antenna from the cell site. It is then amplified and repeated to your cell phone through the inside antenna. When the phone transmits, the signal is received by the inside antenna, amplified, then repeated to the cell site via the outside antenna. Call us today for a quick and easy consultation. 800-781-8431 or go to

Systems for all US Carriers – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular and others.
Single Band – Match with your cellular service provider in your area.
Wireless operation. No physical connection to your phone is required.
Automatic Gain Adjusting in the event of oscillation and /or overload
Automatic shutdown on overload
TIA/EIA-98-E 3.5.1 Receiver Sensitivity better than -110 dBm
CDMA/rho > .912
Allows multiple phones to be use simultaneously.
Your phone will use less battery power for longer battery life.
Two inside antennas can be used using the Wilson 2 Way Splitter