One of the worst things a business can experience is downtime.

Why is that? In a 2016 ITIC Survey, about 81% of enterprises claimed to lose about $300,000 or more due to downtime. It is noteworthy to say that they had lost this much in only an hour.

In our world today, more and more business practices are being done online. You can backup files to the cloud, and employees use the internet for emails and work meetings.

While network outages have become a regular occurrence in some areas, it’s still wise to be prepared. One way to do so is by hiring a professional network cabling contractor.

As you read on, you’ll see the benefits of hiring a cabling contractor and learn how to find the right one.

Why You Need a Network Cabling Contractor

There are those who may hesitate to hire a network cabling contractor. After all, they may already have a cable system set in place.

However, with older businesses, those systems may need a replacement or an upgrade. Additionally, there’s a chance that they are unorganized.

By hiring a professional, those problems will be gone immediately. Here are a few more benefits of hiring a network cabling contractor in Austin.

They Have the Expertise

The right cabling contractor will have the necessary experience. Not only that but they will have the proper licenses to do the job.

Cabling contractors are in charge of designing, implementing, and installing the cabling system. They make sure that it’s customized to fit the needs of your business.

There is more than one type of cable, and only a professional can tell you which is perfect for your business. They will be willing to give you and your IT team advice on how to maintain the cable system.

After all, a cabling system is supposed to support the business, not hinder it.

Problems Are Easily Solved

With a carefully organized cable system, your IT team will easily find the problem. Once they find the issue, they can quickly sort the problem. As a result, the business doesn’t miss out on productivity.

Want to Scale Up? No Problem

All network cabling contractors know that technology is always changing. With that in mind, know that a good network cabling contractor can advise you on what changes need to be made in your cabling system.

A proper contractor will ensure that you are able to scale up and upgrade the technology in your system. This way, you can stay atop technology trends without your cables appearing messy.

Keep It Simple

Having a complicated cabling system can be a headache both for you and for the cabling technicians. After all, with new technologies, the chances of messy cabling becoming a problem can increase.

By hiring a network cabling contractor, you get to see your cables arranged neatly and properly. Whatever equipment you decide to install will be put in the proper place.

Not only is this aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it’s also a whole lot safer.

Peace of Mind

Injuries at the workplace can have various devastating effects. Not only will this hurt your employees, but your business could also suffer too.

At the same time, your company could suffer from a lack of productivity. Your employees could become unhappy working in an unsafe environment.

By hiring a network cabling contractor, you can show your employees that you care for them. You can limit the accidents that happen. That way, you have more time to focus on your business.

You will also have peace of mind knowing that everyone and everything is well and safe.

Long-Term Investment

Hiring a network cabling contractor is a cost that will benefit you for years to come.

Why is that?

A structured cable system will save you lots of money on repairs and maintenance. Poorly structured systems often have to be replaced and are more prone to breaking apart.

Additionally, you stay connected. That means that your business can go on for longer. You are always prepared and you are always connected to the IoT.

As mentioned above, almost everything is connected to the internet. It isn’t just our phones and computers but also our appliances and tools.

What to Look Out For

Poor cable management is prone to various accidents. Some may cause physical accidents such as electrical fires and employee injuries as mentioned above.

So what are the signs that you need to hire a cabling contractor?

When you start to notice that your electricity bills are rising. Also, as you work, you may notice that your business downtime is unscheduled and is taking longer to fix.

Before things get worse, hire a professional now.

That said, it’s also important to choose the right contractor for the job. Those who are skilled and qualified will make sure that you never have to worry about a possible badly structured cable system.

Where to Find Us

But you don’t have to stop at just network cabling. We at CMC Communications offer a variety of services that you may be interested in.

A proper network connection and a proper cabling system isn’t the only thing we provide. We also offer security appliances to keep your business data safe.

We are an Austin cable contractor. However, you can find us all around Texas. We serve areas such as San Antonio, Kyle, Buda, San Marcos, and more.

Wherever you are in Texas, know that we are always available to help.

Go Professional – You Won’t Regret it

Network cabling isn’t as complicated as it seems. It’s a vital part of every business, and it’s important for you to know about it.

If your business isn’t in the technology industry, it would be easier for you to hire a network cabling contractor. That way, you can focus on your business.

We at CMC Communications have the experience and the skills. Our designs and installations are of top-notch quality. We have a team of professionals from various network and technology fields.

You can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Interested? Contact us to get a quote now!