Have you noticed how many people are moving to Texas? Maybe you are moving your business to Texas. Maybe your business wants to grow to take advantage of the growth.

One of the keys to growing your business in the Austin, San Antonio, and Houston area is your structured cabling.  The right fiber optic contractor and fast connectivity are a foundation for strong business growth.

Getting the right network cabling contractor is the difference between a smooth-running business or a train wreck. How do you find the right network cabling contractor?

Keep reading for some tips on what to look for when choosing your next network cabling contractor.

Why Fiber Optic Installation & Network Cabling Is So Important

Strong fast connections are essential to your business today. With the long-distance realities of business, having strong connections is a matter of survival for your company.

The key to all of it is your fiber optic contractor. High bandwidth over a long distance only comes when your network cable contractor builds the right system for you.

Losing connections or having a bad feed can hurt communication and cost you customers. Making sure you have a fast and secure system is one of the key pillars of success for your company today.

Keys for Finding the Best Network Cabling Contractor

Since your network is so important you want to do more than just search for “Network cabling contractor near me!” You want to know what you are looking for so you don’t hire just anyone.

The best network cabling contractors will have some key qualifications


Ask potential contractors about their certifications. You want people who are up to date in their certifications. You also want to make sure they adhere to the Electronic Industry Association’s standards in all their installations.

They should also be up to date with the Telecommunication Industry Association’s standards. Most phone lines go through the same fiber networks now.

Top Line Products

Some network cabling contractors will try to cut costs by using cheap counterfeit cables. This is dangerous to your network and even your office. Bad wires can overheat and cause a fire!

Make sure your installer uses Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified cables. These cables should have the UL label on them to show they aren’t fakes.


Your potential network cabling company should have experience in planning and installing full systems. Look for them to have experience in big networks like you’d see in Houston, San Antonia, and Austin.

You should also see how they do with smaller networks in places like New Braunfels, San Marcos, and Round Rock. This shows their ability to handle jobs big and small with the same excellence.

The Network Cabling Contractors Estimate Process

The estimate process is one you should embrace and take your time doing. Don’t wait till you are in a rush because you may pick a bad cabling contractor. There are a few things you should expect from your company in the process.

Walk Through

A potential contractor should do a thorough walk-through with you onsite. This helps them see your particular spot and measure all your distances. If someone gives you a quote over the phone, move on to another contractor!

Assessing Your Needs

Good network cabling contractors will take the time to assess all of your needs. Expect them to ask lots of questions about how many users and the structure of your business.

If you have multiple locations, they should take the time to go and inspect each one to fully gauge what you need. You want them to get what you do so they can design the best system for you.

Pointing Out Realities of Your Space

One of the reasons a walk-through is so important comes from the fact that every office building is different. Your office may have cinder block walls or other things that need special requirements.

They should do a full inspection so they can see if there are any impediments to laying voice and data cabling for your network.

What Network Cabling Contractors Should Build

Once they have assessed your needs and your space the system is ready to build. Here are a few things you can expect from a top-quality network cabling contractor.

Organized System

A well-organized network reduces interference and keeps its bandwidth. It is also much easier to check for possible problems. Your new system should look well organized and not like a bird’s nest!

Secure System

Your network cabling contractor should talk about security before, during, and after the installation. The reality of security is important for every single business. Your contractor should make security a foundation of your network.

Potential Growth

Your custom network should be built to meet your business needs right now. However, it should also have room to grow. If your business starts growing, how would your current system handle it?

Make sure to ask about how your network could be expanded if the need arises. You would rather expand your current system than build a whole new system.

Your Partner for Success

Finding the right network cabling contractor is a lot like finding a partner for your business. You don’t want to rush it. Take the time to find a company that will come alongside your business and help you grow.

CMC Communications has been a partner for businesses from Austin, to San Antonio, to Houston. Let our expertise help your business find and implement a network that can help you go to the next level of business!

Contact us a let us give you a free quote on your next network cabling project. We will sit down and listen to your needs and build the perfect system for you.