Added a sweet new product to our business line card this week. We can now do small cell, cell phone boosters. If an office does not have cell reception even outside we can install a small cell (basically a small cell phone tower) with a direct connection to the cell phone companies over a internet connection. For 40,000 to 500,000+ sqft.

For more information please call CMC Communications. Your local certified installer and re-seller for Whoop Wireless cell phone repeaters and small cell boosters.

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Meet the NEW Whoop Multi-Sector Amplifier Array –
Whoop Wireless Small Cell Interface Head-end (10-4 SCI)

• Assists densification effort of WSPs with the addition of small cell
• sites to increase network capacity.
• Brings WSP LTE & VoLTE capacity to the customer.
• Supports small cell & channelized repeater signal sources.
• Superior performance to stand alone Over the Air Repeaters
• TEN input ports with simulcast and sector capacity mapping options.
• Whoop’s Multi-sector Amplifier Array delivers affordable, reliable cellular coverage indoors.
• The NEW Whoop Small Cell Interface Head-end uses small cell, femtocell, and OTAR signal sources.
• 4 discrete coverage zones permit capacity management.
• 2 simulcast inputs and 8 “sectorized” switchable inputs.
• Sector switching across all blocks and bands is adjusted remotely using a graphical user interface (GUI).
• Voice & Data capacity distributed over 10x the typical femtocell coverage footprint.
• Supports MIMO & SISO operation.
• Whoop Multi-sector Amplifier Array elements support 700 MHz, 850 MHz, 1900 MHz, 2100 MHz.
• Demand for reliable indoor wireless coverage exceeds
• the carriers’ means to deliver.
• Enterprise, in all markets, demands that all wireless
• service providers (WSPs’) cell phones & smart phones
• work indoors to enable bring-your-own-device (BYOD)
• service.
• Multiple Whoop Multi-sector Amplifier Arrays can be
• combined to cover 500k square feet or greater.
• Mid-size buildings are underserved and require a scalable
• multicarrier solution with a capacity upgrade path.