99.9% of businesses in the US are small businesses. These are defined as businesses with fewer than 500 employees. Within this range, challenges are greatest for the smallest enterprises.

For the smallest companies, choosing where to invest internally is a challenge. They don’t have the resources of major corporations to ensure systems run smoothly around the clock. One of the most problematic areas is IT.

For a small business, an entire IT department may be too expensive. But these services are essential for a good customer experience and internal security.

Enter Cisco Meraki sales.

They have seen this gap in the market and developed the software needed to help. Their small business WiFi is a scalable solution to keep small businesses running effectively. Read on to learn more about this software, and how it can transform your small business.

Cisco Meraki’s Solution for Small Businesses

Small businesses need their online products to run as smoothly as larger competitors. They also need internal data and communications to be kept secure. Despite this, many small businesses rely on the same type of WiFi setup they’d use at home.

Cisco Meraki Go is the solution to help small businesses get the secure internet they need for an affordable price. It’s a subscription service that provides secure WiFi and cloud suites without needing an IT department.

Instead, the system runs on a free app. This app enables easy setup, even with no IT experience.

Through the app, users have access to Cisco’s specialized support team. It’s like an IT department at your fingertips!

The software subscription is also completely customizable. For example, users can add an optional security subscription if that area needs special attention. However many devices need to be connected or areas need to be covered, Cisco Meraki Go can make it happen.

How Does Cisco Meraki Go Work?

Just because the software is subscription-based does not mean it cuts corners. The solution offers a full WiFi setup, requiring the proper network cabling to make it work. But once it’s in, there’s no work required on the user’s end.

As with all complete WiFi solutions, a variety of components work together. All of these are affordable and can be bought as and when needed. This allows you to scale the solution up or down depending on your current situation.

The most basic hardware needed is an SD-WAN or WiFi LAN system. Talking to your Cisco Meraki installer can help you determine exactly what you’ll need.

Your installer should also offer the latest Cisco Meraki switches for a seamless experience. Check specifically that they can offer the powerful MS390 for your installation.

Components such as routers can be added as and when needed. And optional additions like compatible VPNs can further increase security.

Benefits of Cisco Meraki Sales

Why choose to use Cisco Meraki Go instead of setting up your own business internet? There are several benefits only possible with software as customizable as this.

Cost Savings

One of the greatest benefits of SaaS is only paying for what you need. Otherwise, there’s always a trade-off.

For example, you could choose to set up your own IT department for your small business. But the resources it needs to run properly don’t offer good enough ROI for a small business. Without it though, your data security will be lacking.

Subscriptions are the best solution to get the internet you need without overinvesting. You don’t need to invest in any extra features you won’t use. Pay for exactly the setup your business needs – no more, no less.

Lack of Self-Management

The fact you’re not the one managing the software also translates to cost savings. When the software updates, you receive the benefits free of charge.

There is no manual work needed on your end. You simply rely on your Cisco subscription for the security updates you need.

Predictable Costs

Not having to manage the system yourself also means there won’t be any unexpected costs. All you have to pay for is a small hardware investment at the beginning and your monthly subscription.

This predictable expense does wonders for your business cash flow. You know exactly what your expenses will be.

Ease of Setup

Once you’ve worked with a Cisco Meraki installer to get your hardware going, software setup can take just 10 minutes! You don’t need any previous IT experience to set the software up for your company. Simply download the free app and follow the instructions.


With Cisco Meraki Go, your small business can enjoy the data security of a large corporation. Instead of relying on a home-style WiFi connection, you have business-level security. That means you can trust that your data and communications are as secure as needed, even without an IT department.


Best of all, subscription software can ebb and flow with your business. As you grow, you can adjust your subscription to reflect your needs. Even if you reach the point of needing extra hardware, you can tack it onto your subscription hassle-free.

Cisco Meraki Installer in Austin, TX

Working with a local Cisco Meraki sales provider and cabling contractor is the fastest way to get started. By choosing us, you can have the voice and data cabling you need on-site as soon as possible. And we provide a local point of contact that understands your business if and when you need help.

Get in touch with us today for a free demo of Cisco Meraki Go for your small business. See how well the software works for your company, even without the support of an IT department. Contact us now for a free quote!