Setting up a robust network for any business or industry is a really important factor. An efficient network installation is not as seamless as it looks. You need to decide who is going to handle all the complicated tech stuff for you. Basically, you have two main options. You can hire someone who is a Panduit Certified Installer, or you can go with a technician who doesn’t have this specific certification. So, how do you decide what’s best for you? Well, in the following section, we are going to dive deep into both choices so you can understand the good and bad points of each. This way, you can make the best decision for your network needs without any confusion or second-guessing. This guide will cover everything from the quality of work you can expect, the skills the technicians have, and even how much it’s going to cost you. So, let’s get started by looking at why the quality of work really matters.

Work Quality

  • Panduit Certified Installer: The certified installers have the expertise for the required work. These technicians have undergone rigorous training and assessments to make sure they follow the industry standards. This means that you get the best materials along with the best possible installation methods for your business network setup. With the help of Panduit-certified technicians, you will get a super reliable and efficient network without any disturbances. Plus, you’ll likely get long-term support, making sure things stay that way.
  • Non-Certified Installers: In contrast to Panduit certified installers, non-certified installers might not always maintain the same level of quality. A trained expert knows the complexities that can occur in the future and can take concerned measures regarding the situation. Whereas a non-certified installer is not trained to deal with any immediate hiccups. Without the stamp of certification, the results could be hit or miss.

Skill Level and Training

  • Certified Technicians: Panduit ensures that their certified technicians are well-trained and skilled in the latest technologies. They are familiar with a wide range of products and can often handle complicated setups with ease. As a result, a Panduit-certified installer can solve problems quickly and get your network up and running in no time. They also have access to the latest tools and resources, making their work even more efficient.
  • Non-Panduit Certified Technicians: People sometimes believe that a non-certified technician is not skilled; while it is not true, their lack of certification can result in varying skill levels. You might come across someone quite adept, but there’s also a risk of hiring someone with inadequate training. The lack of certified training leads to the absence of quality tools and materials, which can affect the quality of their work. It’s kind of like rolling the dice; you might get lucky, but why take the chance?

Reliability and Trustworthiness

  • Go Certified for Peace of Mind: A Panduit-certified installer can provide you with peace of mind. So, if you are searching for a “Panduit Certified Installer Near Me,” you are leading towards peace, along with a stable network. These professionals are up-to-date on compliance requirements and safety protocols, making them more reliable and trustworthy. You can focus on your business productivity as these technicians are committed to doing the job right the first time. No sleepless nights worrying about network failures or safety hazards.
  • The Risk of Going Non-Certified: There are a number of non-certified installers in the market offering cheaper rates, but these rates are the assurance of sacrificing reliability. There is no proof that these non-certified technicians are in compliance with the latest safety protocols. This makes them a riskier option. You could end up with a system that’s not secure or even dangerous, and that’s a big worry. Better to be safe than sorry.

Cost Factor

  • The Investment in Quality: When you search for “Panduit Certified Installer Near Me,” you are investing in long-term quality and reliability. Yes, the cost of these technicians may be a bit more expensive than the non-certified ones, but with certified installers, you are investing in long-run productivity. The extra cost can often be justified by the higher level of service you receive, and a well-installed network will need fewer repairs. It’s like paying a bit more now to save a lot more later.
  • Cheaper, but at What Cost?: Non-Panduit-certified installers might be easier on your wallet, but the savings could end up costing you more in the long run due to maintenance issues or system failures. You could end up paying much more for fixes and do-overs. And let’s not forget the headache of dealing with a failing network.

Accountability and Support

  • Certified = Guaranteed Support: With Panduit-certified technicians, you have the support of Panduit in case something goes wrong. They are very much accountable to the standard of their certification. As a result, you will get an extra layer of protection.
  • Non-Certified = Less Accountability: On the other hand, non-Panduit certified installers are not responsible for their work. You might find yourself stuck in a tricky situation without much support. There’s not much to fall back on if things go south.

Experience The Difference With CMC Communications’ Certified Installers

In the battle of Panduit Certified technicians and non-certified installers, it is evident that a certified team of installers has the upper hand. These professionals offer an influx of benefits, including higher quality, more reliability, and greater peace of mind. While non-certified technicians might be cheaper, the risks often outweigh the benefits. The choice is up to you. Remember that investing in certified services opens up gates for quality and reliability. And speaking of quality and reliability, if you’re on the lookout for dependable network solutions, CMC Communications is a name you can trust. Our Panduit-certified technicians have undergone a series of training that makes them the best in their job. To learn about our certified services, you can visit us at