I see it time and time again your company in growing from a small business to a big / medium business and you have no idea what you need for your infrastructure needs. Not because its your fault or your job to know this its because you have grown and it maybe time to hire your first IT guy or hire an IT service company. It is very important to talk with your cabling contractor about your existing network needs and to talk to them about your new up coming growth / network growth and potential. Preparing for the growth of your company when you move into a new office is very important because it can prevent network downtime witch could cost you money. By choosing the correct network cabling / wiring solution the first time it can save you money, downtime and costly repairs.

Another thing that is commonly over looked is the bandwidth from your ISP needed in your new office. Typically I see companies upgrade to new VOIP phones and want to use the same speed that was used before at the old office. If you have 50 new phones that use a common speed of 64KB upload speed this can cause big problems if lots of users get on the phone it can bring the network to its knees.

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