CMC Communications also provides Consulting/CAD Services that specializes in providing quality low Voltage Systems CAD/Revit As-built documentation that caters to the needs and requirements of Low Voltage Cabling Contractors.

CMC Has been in business since 2007 and has developed a client list Nationally.

Our Goal is to provide the low voltage contractor with a quick turn around on accurate as-built documentation, leaving a professional lasting impression on the client as the Installers project comes to a close.

The following is a list of our rates and services:

  • Color or Black and White Plotting (50% Cost on projects we participate in)
  1. Close Out As-Built CAD Services – Rate 65.00 per hour
    1. Preparation of drawings for Manufacturer Certification Process
    2. Preparation of drawings for Owner/Client Close Out Documentation
    3. Drawings will include
      1. Outlet Labeling
      2. J-hook and Cable Tray Pathways (primary and branch)
      3. Symbols / Outlet locations (as-built)
      4. MDF/IDF enlarged plan (as-built)
      5. Backbone Pathway and Cable type (As-Built)
      6. Rack Elevations
      7. MDF/IDF Wall Elevations
  1. Pre-Construction Submittal Preparation – Rate 65.00 per hour
    1. TLD Design Consulting will take the material list, CAD files and the RFP requirements and generate a complete Pre-Construction Submittal package.
    2. CAD drawings will include
      1. J-hook and Cable Tray Pathways (primary and branch)
      2. Symbols/Outlet locations
      3. Proposed Backbone Pathway
      4. Enlarged MDF/IDF closet Plans
      5. Rack Elevations
      6. MDF/IDF Wall Elevations
    3. A binder will be prepared as required by the RFP with cut sheets of the material, items with multiple part numbers on a single cut sheet will be identified.
    4. Drawings will be plotted, bound and packaged neatly, then delivered to the Contractor for review (via courier or fedex)
  1. Revit / BIM Modeling Services – Rate $95.00 per hour
  1. RCDD Services – Site QA/QC inspections – Rate 125.00 per hour
    1. Conduct Project Site Walks to observe the following:
      1. Identify Potential Issues
      2. Pathway validation
      3. Conduit and Back box size and capacity Validation
      4. Standards Compliance
      5. Code Compliance
      6. Quality of installation
    2. TLD Design Consulting will prepare a 3rd party Site Observation report that can be presented by the Cabling Contractor to the client or the General Contractor

in order to clarify or resolve on-site issues.

  1. Submittal Review and RCDD Stamp Services – Rate 125.00 per hour
  1. RCDD Services – Design Build/Consulting Services
    1. Can be provided in a separate proposal if interested

We also provide the following services in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas areas:

Professional Installation Services

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