CMC Communications is a DAS system integrator that can fix these bad cell signal problems with a cell phone repeater, small cells, fiber based Distributed Antenna systems installation services for business and office solutions. CMC Communications is a certified installer for Corning Mobile Access, Wilson, Sure Call, Zinwave and Cel-Fi Quatra. Rest assured no matter what poor cell phone signal problems you have, dropped calls or no cellular signal at all CMC Communications has a DAS system solutions for your business.


Points to note:


Offer a few options for Pre Carrier-Approved systems for a quick installation.


Single or Multi-Carrier Solution – Single carrier solutions can save thousands.

We have the bands you need 2G / 3G / 4G / LTE for Voice and Data.

Remote monitoring is offered and Remote monitorings services.


Choose the right distributed antenna system that fits your budget or one that is scalable to your needs.


The majority of cell phone calls take place inside, but cell networks like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Tmobile are outside. In-building cellular repeaters are needed because 80% of business users inside complain of poor coverage or dropped calls. A building’s materials, while improving energy efficiency, will block or inhibit cellular service from the outside network. To exacerbate the issue, cellular coverage is increasingly not optional. In fact, cellular coverage can be considered a safety or even regulatory requirement depending on the region. Building owners need a high-quality solution for bad indoor cellular signal so call us today for the solutions you need.


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