Choosing the Right Structured Cabling Contractor can we a daunting task for the first timers to the construction process. But don’t stress this just meaning you need to pick a structured cabling contractor more carefully. The cabling contractor you are looking for as a first timer is someone that is willing to help guide you and provide free advice. Things you will want your cabling contractor to provide and agree in advance before you hire them is provide as built drawings for free. Cabling contractors need to provide these hand written as builds to you once the project is finished so you can give the as builts to your architect or general contractor so you will have blue prints showing all properly labeled locations for all your network and fiber optic drops. The other thing you will want to agree on with your structured cabling contractor services Austin is get a OTDR or test results showing all the cables pass tests so you know all the cat5e, cat6 and fiber optic cabling is working before you move into your new office. Without these test results you will find that once you move in some network or VOIP phone cables may not work. With test results you can feel comfortable paying the bill or retainer in full if you do not move in right away. A few other things to consider is while getting quotes from your structured cabling contractor installer in Austin or San Antonio is you don’t want to forget anything , Unifi switches, Wireless Access points or network cabling drops that you might need because change orders generally cost a little bit more money to add than if you added it originally. So having a clear scope of work ready for your structured cabling expert when you call is super important unless you find a cabling contractor company that is willing to help you design what you need.

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