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Our 100% Complete Fiber Optic Installation Services

Some other businesses can offer you a piecemeal approach to fiber optic network cabling installation services.

They may say they can only offer you directional drilling & boring for fiber optics or fiber optic underground trenching. We’re different. At CMC Communications, we can provide our clients with complete fiber optic rollouts. From day one to completion, we can guide, plan, and develop the perfect fiber optic solutions for your business requirements. We’ll take on challenging projects no matter how large or small they may be and no matter where they may be.

From the initial planning phase for underground fiber optics, through fiber optic fusion splicing termination, to final fiber optic testing, we can provide end-to-end, start-to-finish services. We have clients based across Texas, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston, and we work across a range of industries, including tech companies, sales offices, and oil industry businesses.

If you are searching for the perfect provider for your company’s fiber-optic infrastructure, look no further.

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We Tailor Everything To Your Business

At CMC Communications, we work out exactly what you need so that we can tailor complete fiber optic rollouts, repairs, or network additions specifically to your business. We ensure that whatever your project, results will stand the test of time.

Directional Drilling & Boring for Fiber Optics

Directional drilling & boring for fiber optics is a special technique for installing fiber optics, which causes as little disturbance to the surface area above ground as possible. This is particularly useful when the ground needs to be preserved. It’s also effective when the ground being worked on is particularly tough or made of highly variable materials.

A directional boring machine steers pipes made of steel along a predetermined underground route. Then, the fiber optic cable is fed through the pipes.

Fiber Optic Underground Trenching

Fiber optic underground trenching is one of two techniques to install fiber optic cable underground. With direct burial, an installation trench is dug. Then, a steel-armored, outdoor certified cable is laid in the trench, and at least six inches of protective soil is laid on top. Cables can also be plowed, or in urban situations, asphalt can be cut with a diamond circular saw before the cables are laid, and the ground is resurfaced.

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Termination

Fiber optic fusion splicing termination is the process of welding (fusing) two fibers together. This is often achieved using an electric arc. Fusion splicing is the most popular method of splicing because it leads to lower loss and least reflectance. It’s also robust and results in a very reliable union of two fibers.

Fiber Optic Testing

Fiber optic testing is essential. It ensures that your fiber optic components, cable plants, and systems are all healthy and working effectively. Different components, including fiber, connectors, detectors, and receivers, all need to be up-and-running. They need to work according to specifications and meet the correct performance criteria. Confirming correct, optimal performance and ensuring completion of any necessary maintenance will future-proof your fiber optic infrastructure.

How To Get Started

It’s quick and easy to get the ball rolling if you want to learn more and work with us. Just contact us using our contact form or call one of our local offices! We’re ready to speak to you today.

Step 1

Contact us now by calling any of our offices or by filling out our contact form.

Step 2

We’ll assess all your requirements, and we can provide a quote for the required work. Our pricing is always simple, transparent, and based on a thorough assessment of your exact needs and site type.

Step 3

You can trust our expert team of professionals who specialize in fiber optic rollouts. We will begin work planning, scheduling, and delivering your project. We’ll impress you with our professionalism, knowledge, commitment, and regulatory compliance.

Step 4

We’ll test and optimize your repair, fiber optic project, or new, end-to-end fiber optic infrastructure. We’ll leave no stone unturned in ensuring your systems and cables work perfectly.

Step 5

CMC Communications will be there for you whenever you need us in the future. The happy ending to this story is that you will be excited to work with us again.

The Best Solutions for Your Business, Guaranteed

At CMC Communications, we take our work very seriously. Our business powers your business. We do all our work strictly by the book and are fully insured. CMC Communications carries the following insurance: General Liability (2 million), Auto (1 million), Excess Liability Umbrella (5 million), Workers Compensation (1 million), and Employers Liability (1 million).

We’re professional, experienced and our highly-skilled team of fiber optic specialists is ready to work on your fiber optic network cabling installation.

If you’re unsure about any specifics for your projects, such as the type of ground materials at your site, elevation, or even local rules and regulations about construction, don’t worry. We can help you make all the necessary checks before we start work to ensure that everything is compliant and adheres to requirements and regulations.

Transparent Pricing

All our pricing is clear and transparent with no hidden charges, and if the scope of your project changes due to increasing requirements, we will be crystal clear about any increased costs to you as our client.

In addition to the project that you enlist CMC Communications to undertake, we will always be ready to consult on any future projects and help with any other communications needs you may have. For example, did you know that we also provide voice over IP cloud-managed phone systems?

We have helped clients by offering them a full line of cloud-managed switches, routers, and more. We also supply AP’s, cameras, wireless bridges, and WIFI controllers. In fact, we offer cloud-managed solutions for everything you can think of, so there’s no need to host your own servers and spend money on hardware that can soon become out-of-date and is hard to maintain.

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We’re the local leaders for fiber optic network cabling installation and have offices in Austin, Round Rock, San Antonio, Houston, New Braunfels, and Dallas. Get in touch!

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