Finding the right DAS system integrator (Distributed antenna system for RF cellular) can be quite the daunting ask for many reasons. DAS and cell phone repeater systems now have to have cellular carrier approval called rebroadcast agreements and this process normally takes months to accomplish for most end users unless proper assistances is given . The tough thing about the rebroadcast agreements is the rules and regulations are constantly changing, carriers want low pimm approved antennas and to keep the carriers separated, expensive RG8 or better copper cabling and do not want the AMP’s to be shared with other carriers. Because of all these factors when quoted by a cellular DAS system installer you need to pay attention to the fine print because some of these DAS system installation companies will try to sell you a system that will never get approval from AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. So asking your DAS integrator will this system you quoted me be able to get approval is very important. They do have a few cellular repeater system that are already approved by the carriers but they do have limitations on the areas of cellular coverage and do not cover more than 40,000 square feet typically but with perfect conditions maybe more. Also something important to note because the carriers require approval they have the ability to say no or request changes to the proposed design to get the approval. With this knowledge if the first quote you get from your DAS system integrator isn’t a soft quote or a budgetary quote something might be wrong or misleading. So If your office or business is having bad or poor cell phone coverage please feel free to call us at CMC Communications and we will answer any questions you have for free. If you are interested in our DAS system and cellular repeater installation services please give us a call.

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