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Cloud managed networking solutions 

How can it benefit you and save you money with your IT budget. Let’s take a look:

Depending on the size of your company these factors can benefit you and your business:

Small business-

Small cloud managed network monitoring fee’s vs full time IT employee costs

Cloud managed networks can often be repaired remotely with no on-site repair fee’s.

Medium to large businesses-

Cloud managed solutions can take work load off of existing overloaded IT personnel. 

Cloud managed networking solutions can reduce the skill levels needed for the on-site computer information technology personnel needed to hire and save you money. 

Product examples:

Switches, routers and WiFi systems

Ubiquiti Unifi vs Cisco Meraki

We provide professional installation services for both. However the Unifi line is offered at a greatly reduced price in comparison to Cisco Meraki making it truly affordable to get a Cisco quality network for a bargain basement price. Both systems offer an easy to use GUI graphical management software that is accessible via the cloud or local network. If any network systems like Wi-Fi access points or switches go down we would have the cloud managed system email us the second a network device went down so we can catch the issue in most cases before you do. Cisco Meraki security Management and routing appliances are known to be the absolute best in networking security. Two companies that are customers specialize in cyber crime and cyber security in San Antonio Texas use a Cisco Meraki security and routing appliance as their main security appliance facing the Wan. CMC Communications often likes to put a Cisco Meraki security appliance in front of ubiquit i unifi switches and wifi systems. This offers some of the highest end security and routing with most of the bells and whistles of a high-end cloud managed Network for the fraction of the price. The reason why the Cisco Meraki security appliances are superior to most is that a license fee is required for use. This license fee includes updates of any weaknesses found in The Cisco Meraki security appliance network of users. 

Phone systems:

Mitel vs 8×8

Once the initial setup of these phone systems have been completed and the phones installed by CMC Communications these phone systems are serviced and maintained for free as a part of normal billing. Meaning no one on-site employees need to be paid for extra certifications and training. No need to pay an onsite employee for these extra skills. If onsite repairs are needed only pay for the time that takes. Most of the problems via cloud managed phone systems can be done remotely via Mitel or 8×8 without any additional fees needed for moves or changes. Having one small team manage many phone systems saves you money.

Backup systems:

Call for more details.

Cloud managed print solutions:

We like Canon and Xerox. Both provide cloud managed Auto order supplies like toner cartridges and papers. You also get a hefty discount compared to buying at your local retailer or online stores when set up for auto order is in use. Auto order can be easily adjusted to fit your needs and monitors monthly uses of materials and orders by sending you emails to keep track of purchases. This service also includes service reminders for us to see in the cloud and the manufacturer often offers extended warranties and in some cases affordable product replacement packages for the high usage customers.

We offer professional installation services for all of the above and offer friendly priced service contracts.

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