When you require your structured cabling contractor to have a certified warranty from the cable or jack manufacture like Belden, Panduit, Leviton, Ortronics the manufacturers limit you to receive only one certified structured cabling contractor to bid on your project. When only one cabling contractor is allowed to give you a bid for your project this drives the prices you and your company will have to pay way up and this greatly reduces your options as they literally extort you and other cabling contractors by blocking the structured cabling  contractor you want from being able to provide a warranty and forcing you to choose from one vendor and one very high price in most cases. This is why CMC Communications has come up with a solution to this very unethical problem. Pick any cabling manufacturer you want or save with our preferred Jack and Cable vendors and we will provide a better warranty than any network cabling manufacturer will provide. If you need a competitive quote or a solution to this very problem please call or email us today.