At CMC Communications over the years we have sold and owned many phone systems. A lot of them are very expensive and complicated to setup especially for initial implementation. Ten years ago we would have never ever sold a customer a cloud biased VOIP phone system, absolutely no way, just not reliable enough. Back then we were testing out Vonage and ring central and we even used ring central in our office for 6 months to see how it would hold up ageist a PBX system or a hybrid Panasonic system. Well at that time things were different and we had reliability issues with the internet itself and had missed phone calls and the phone never even rang. sometimes with a VOIP phone system. We have sold a lot of brands over the years of phone systems like NEC, Avaya, Comdial, Mitel, Nextiva, 8×8, Panasonic, Grandstream and a few dozen others. With my experiences Nextiva can’t decide if they want to provide excellent customer service one month and then drop the ball the next on simple easy fixes. NEC yup, well it’s just a phone system. But at the end of the day the most reliable, most compatible with your CRM or random business sales tools is Avaya. Here at CMC Communications we are so blown away by how aggressive they are with pricing if they have to be to win your business, I mean they will not lose a deal to any of it’s competitors for cost of seat or setup of the phone systems. Selling Avaya is just so easy because they known what they are doing and have been doing it longer than anyone else. For Example, Avaya has around 22 million phones actively working now world wide, the next in line is Ring Central at 3 million. Avaya enables its partners like us to sell by always having a promotion for free phones, free phone system setup and just over all willing to bend over backwards to win a sale. They are doing a crazy promotion right now for example, if you switch over to Avaya from your old phone system or an old Avaya system they will give you the phones for free, we will setup the phone system for free, so absolutely no out of pocket costs except for your expected monthly cost per seat. Right now Avaya Cloud Office is technically more reliable than an Avaya IP office and or any other PBX phone system. If the power goes out with a PBX system or the POTS lines go down or the PBX system just has general hardware failures you will not get any calls. With Avaya Cloud Office if your power goes out we program the phone system to detect if the office or software phones are disconnected to ring the owner of that office phone cell phone automatically. The cell phone towers all have a generator and or its own power station. I know what you are thinking maybe “but I don’t want my employees to use there own cell phones” well technically they are not. You just install the Avaya phone app and all the calls are free to your employees via the app assuming they have unlimited data and you can manage that app remotely if it’s time for the employee to move on. Also over all cost of ownership is cheaper also because with Avaya Cloud, Avaya will make all adds, moves and changes to your phone system for free via the cloud. The only reason you’d need CMC Communications to come out is if you had some network issue that most likely has nothing to do with the phones system. So what are you waiting for? Call us now or visit our parent site: 800-781-8431 or We will not lose a new phone system deal unless it’s some non comparable phone system or some just like a cheap Asterisk phone system. We are willing to negotiate so call us now. Please keep in mind promotions sometimes do have stipulations for approval but regardless we will find you the best deal in town.

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