Did you know the structured cabling market is poised to reach a value of about $21.73 billion by the end of 2030?

According to Market Research Future, the sector could grow at a 6.28% compound annual growth rate from 2022 to 2030.

It adds that key market opportunities for structured cabling are the development of cities with smart tech and smart homes. And a key market driver is the increasing rollout of 5G technology.

But how do you find the service provider if you live in Austin, San Antonio, or surrounding areas and need network cabling installation services?

Continue reading to see six tips for finding the right network cabling installation company.

1. Consider Design Principles

If you’re looking for a structured cabling company, you’ll want to ensure the one you hire understands structure cabling design best practices. This doesn’t refer to matters of style — it refers to matters of proper placement.

The cabling contractor must know that it’s not a good idea to, for instance, place the data cables close to the electrical cables.

There’ll be issues since electrical cables will mess up the magnetic field data cables require. So, if you’re speaking to a service provider that doesn’t appear to adhere to installation best practices, that’s a red flag. Look elsewhere.

If you hire a reputable cabling contractor like CMC Communications, you won’t have to worry about installation mistakes that leave you worse off. It’s best to hire the right company the first time around to avoid headaches later on.

2. Consider Quality Equipment

Don’t assume that all network cabling contractors abide by the same ethical standards or have the same commitment to using quality equipment.

Counterfeit cable is more prevalent than you might think. So, find a network cabling services provider that uses genuine cable bearing an Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) number. If there’s no UL number, the cable is fake.

You can get counterfeit cable for a lot less than authentic cable. But choosing the fake over the unpretentious will bring increased risks that can be catastrophic. Do you want to risk breaching fire codes and incurring fines?

At CMC Communications, we use cables with UL numbers. We don’t cut corners on the products we source or on the installation services we offer.

3. Consider Testimonials

When looking for a cable installation company, you should ask for testimonials.

Any company that serves customers for a living should have testimonials from satisfied clients. You’ll want to get some of those testimonials to follow up and get the information you want from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

The best way to find out how a provider of network cabling in San Antonio will treat you is to find out how it treated other customers. So, don’t underestimate the importance of getting testimonials.

If you want testimonials, we’ve got them. All you have to do is ask. We’ve been serving customers primarily in Austin and San Antonio for a long time.

We also meet the needs of clients in Kyle, Buda, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Selma, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Pflugerville.

As you’ll see in the next section, our customers really like us and rate us highly.

4. Consider Online Reviews

It’s also essential to consider online reviews. While you can get testimonials by asking cable or network installation companies, you can get online reviews by scouring the internet. Google reviews are an excellent place to start.

We have a perfect 5/5 score on Google reviews from dozens of clients. Our customers know they can count on us to offer the best equipment, installation, and customer service.

Whether you need help with structured cable installation, business phone systems, or something else, get in touch to learn how we can help you.

5. Consider Certification

You should ask about certifications when looking for structured cabling installers, voice and data cabling contractors, or other related service providers.

It’s critical to do business with a company whose technicians have the right mix of skills and experience. That’s why you should hire us for your structured cabling installation needs.

Our technicians are the best in the industry, have the right training and certifications, and are committed to providing the best service for our clients.

6. Consider Quotes

Before you hire a service provider, you’ll want to get written quotes. A reputable service provider will ensure the quote is as detailed as possible. Everything should be itemized so that you know what the project entails.

But don’t make the mistake of focusing on cost above all else. If you get a handful of quotes and find one that is substantially less than the others, don’t assume that the lowest price is necessarily the best option.

When assessing quotes, look at everything included. Sometimes the lowest quote will end up costing you more in the end. That’ll be the case if shoddy products or installation forces you to get something redone.

And less reputable service providers might intentionally leave certain things out of the quote and then surprise you later by adding the extra work to your bill.

You can contact us at any time for a quote. We’ll take the time to conduct a site visit so that we know exactly what you need. That’ll help us draft a detailed written quote. We’re all about transparency, so there won’t be any surprises.

Are You Considering Network Cabling Installation Services?

Are you considering options for network cabling installation services? If you need structured cabling, you must find the right company to install it.

We’re a leading cabling contractor business offering professional installation services. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Get in touch to get a quote. At CMC Communications, we’re here to help.