The global structured cabling industry is valued at billions of dollars. That’s because most industries rely on computer hardware to facilitate their operations. If a business’s structured cabling system fails, so will its connective ability. Without connection, companies can’t run and may lose the trust of their consumers. But hiring qualified, well-reputed data cabling contractors can actually improve your business.

So continue reading to learn more. Below, we’ll offer a brief overview of network cabling. We’ll also explain which indications of quality cabling services to search for.

What do Data Cabling Contractors Do?

Data cabling contractors are network specialists who design, install, and certify structured cabling systems. Structured cabling systems are often made up of cabling, patch panels and trunks, and patch cabling. They have multiple functions, such as:

  • Data support
  • Voice and video management
  • Security access
  • Energy system access

Data Cabling Contractor Vs. Electrician

Effective structured cabling systems are designed to meet current installation standards. They are also designed for future use and adaptability. Due to technology’s rapid evolution, structured cabling systems should be easy to update accordingly.

Many electricians can install cabling and offer much more affordable cabling services. However, electricians don’t possess the qualifications and expertise that network specialists do, especially when it comes to designing cabling systems.

As a result, businesses risk worse network connectivity. Electricians are also not trained to design systems for future adaptability. When technology inevitably advances, businesses may have to re-install new systems to meet contemporary cabling requirements, leading to steeper costs.

Benefits of Network Cabling Services

Aside from specialized services, professional network cabling offers a host of advantages for your business. By investing in network cabling services, your business can experience:

  • Better connection
  • Improved workplace productivity
  • Safety compliance
  • Hazard prevention
  • Improved security
  • Efficient troubleshooting
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Cost-efficiency

1. Licensure

Licensed cabling contractors show up to their appointments as promised, providing services regulated to meet a certain standard of quality. The standard of regulation applies to their business practices too.

If your business hires unlicensed contractors, it can fall victim to a scam. The “contractors” may not show up at all. Even if they show up, their work could be subpar, and you’d have little way of holding them accountable.

Verify licensure by asking them to provide evidence of certification. You can also search for their business on the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website.

But not all businesses are listed on the BBB. In that case, contact the business’s Secretary of State for further confirmation.

2. Reputation and Experience

Even if a business is licensed, it might not produce quality work. The business might also have very inattentive customer service. This can make the transaction unpleasant and result in inefficient services.

So when searching for networking cabling contractors, confirm that they have a reputation for high-quality services. Many experienced businesses have Google Reviews written about them, so browsing those is a great start. Peruse them to develop a full understanding of the business’s unique strengths.

3. Insurance

If an insured cable installation company damages your property, their insurance will cover the costs. If contractors get hurt on the job, you won’t be held responsible for their injuries. But without insurance, it isn’t easy to hold the right people accountable.

This can result in additional costs for repairs, replacements, and more. Insured companies will gladly provide evidence that they’re insured. So do not consider any business that skirts this inquiry.

4. Warranties

Warranties indicate a company’s dedication to the efficacy of its services. The best industry professionals can better guarantee a highly efficient system. Still, anything can happen, and your system may malfunction spontaneously.

If so, you must be able to use warranties. This ensures the same company will return and rectify the error without charging you for additional service.

Otherwise, these companies have less incentive to ensure the quality of their work. While you wait to book another company, your malfunctioning system can cost you days of business. Booking another company’s services will also double your cabling service costs.

5. Clear Communication Skills

A great structured cabling company must communicate with its clients. If you can’t speak with your technician, you may have trouble scheduling an appointment. This can result in delayed services, which can impact your business.

Even if you can have plenty of discussions with them, it must be easy to speak to them. A positive professional relationship will make it easier for you to speak at length. This will allow technicians to tailor your system’s design according to your business’s needs.

The benefits of positive contractor-client relationships can extend beyond that first service appointment. If you’re happy with a company’s services, you can repeatedly use them for years to come.

Since your business’s system must be occasionally maintained and updated. When that happens, it’s best to opt for the company that initially installed your system.

They will have a more thorough and immediate understanding of your system. This will give them an edge when optimizing your cabling.

6. Willingness to Answer Questions

A great structured cabling company should be able to show its expertise by addressing all of your questions and concerns. Professionals should also be more than willing to answer these questions.

This willingness evidences dedication to providing clients with vital knowledge. It also shows that they value transparent business practices, which let you understand what you’re paying for.

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