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Network Installation & Design

Free network wiring, and cabling estimates for new construction, office relocations, office remodels, office expansions, adds moves, changes, data centers, server rooms, central offices, computer rooms, enterprise, medium business, small business, demarc extensions, network backbones, campus networks, and multi-story buildings.

Inside Plant

Voice & Data cabling of Cat3, Cat5e, Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6E and 10 Gig Cabling

Voice and data network wiring

CATV / CCTV installations

Computer Network equipment

Network installation services

Data center build outs

Clean Room build outs

Concrete Coring 

Cable Tray installation

Conduit installation (EMT & PVC)

Onsite Technicians by Contract

Fiber Optic installation - SM & MM

Add, moves, and changes to your existing network

Demarc extensions

Outside Plant


Aerial cabling - Fiber Optics, Coax, Phone

Underground cabling


Duct Verification & Rodding

Pole placement

Concrete coring & drilling

Fiber Splicing (Fusion or Mechanical)

Cable Jetting Fiber, Small Copper & Coax cables (Super Jet)

Underground Conduit, Pedestal, and Manhole placement


Network Design


CMC Communications provides complete design services, and turnkey information transport systems solutions for your environment. We are committed to client satisfaction, and strive to implement comprehensive, integrated solutions, while continually seeking new, and innovative ways to improve the capabilities, and quality of our services.

Digital as built drawing



Turnkey network design



WIFI & Wireless Solutions

Whether or not you work for a hospital, business, or University these facilities face exploding demand for Wi-Fi, and smartphones, and a multitude of other devices that are increasingly networked over Wi-Fi to provide real time monitoring, precise locating, and support customer centered workflows.

Wireless Solutions made easy & reliable 

Hotel wireless systems

Business wireless systems installation

School, and Campus WIFI / Wireless systems

Wireless, and Wi-Fi for healthcare, hospitals and other healthcare facilities

Retial Wireless system installation

Warehouse WIFI services

GUI interface system that can be accessed from anywhere


Professional design & Installation of your in-building wireless DAS cellular system


Tired of dropped calls? Need to improve your cell phone signal? Poor cell phone reception? Whether using Corning mobileAccess, Commscope, or Surecall's Force 5 products there is no cell phone repeater system to big, or to small that CMC Communications can't install.

Corning MobileAccess, Commscope, and Surecall cell repeater systems Installation

When needing cell service in areas bigger than 80,000 Sqft, or more fiber hybrid systems are a must to get the job done right!

DAS Monitoring and repair services

Enterprise DAS in-building wireless cellular solutions

Stadium DAS in-building wireless cellular installation

Business building wireless cellphone Signal Booster

Currier specific systems


Cellular coverage doesn’t just happen. To ensure five-bar cellular coverage, and adequate cellular data capacity for Smart Phones, IT managers deploy in-building infrastructures known as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Distributed Antenna System vendors like Corning MobileAccess provide a dedicated network of distributed antennas, and a wired path for delivering licensed radio frequencies closer to end users, indoors. Enhanced 2G, 3G, and 4G voice, and data poor reception for small offices and up to large campus and enterprise solutions here reception is weak due to distance from tower, topography, building materials blocking signal, or structural design.

We can boost Cellular bands (800/850 MHz), PCS (1900MHz), Verizon LTE, T-Mobile AWS, AT&T LTE, Sprint LTE, and or currier/ band specific. We can repeat 2G, 3G and 4G on all the major curriers (including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint). Custom design for In-building cellular DAS system installations for Government, Hospitals, Air ports, entertainment venues, Hotels, small business, enterprise, College and High School Campus, and Industrial Solutions.

Turnkey Distributed Antenna Systems Installation & Services

Don’t be left without a signal when you are on an important call. Our distributed antenna systems installation ensures that you never have a dropped call. From tall skyscrapers and large sporting venues to university campuses and parking garages, CMC Communications has you covered.

IBwave software to properly design our cell phone and WiFi systems


iBwave Design is the industry's leading software, used by over 500 clients from 80 countries to automate in-building network design planning activities. Eliminate the extra work by generating complete documentation of required files and tasks, increasing the accuracy, and productivity in your indoor wireless projects.

iBwave Design is the most comprehensive software available for automated network design planning. Streamline the process of data collection, component selection, cost evaluation, design, validation, documentation, reporting, and more. Significantly reduce the time spent on manual field work and increase cost savings.


Fiber Optics

CMC Communications has all the tools nessicary to install, terminate, splice, and test fiber optic cabling.

Fiber Optic Installation services


Inside, and outside plant

Single mode, and Muilti mode termination

We can terminate using anarobic, or unicam connectors

Certification testing of fiber

Fiber Splicing (Fusion, or Mechanical)

Aerial, and Underground



Commercial Audio/Video

      Hotel, and Sports Bar Head end redistribution systems 

Conference Board Rooms

Entrance, and Waiting Areas

Lounges, Restaurants, and Bars

Offices, and Video Conferencing

Sound systems, Clubs, and live music

Projectors & TV wall mounting

Home theater installation

Wiring, cabling and design for all AV applications

Video head end system for Hotel and Commercial TV redistribution systems


Speech Privacy, Sound Masking & White Noise Installation

Reducing Distractions, and Improving Profitability are two very important things for your business

Smart businesses plug the hidden productivity leaks that make their workers less productive, more error prone... and more expensive!

Our acoustic privacy experts can help you determine a custom-fit privacy solution for a good price with the latest technologys, be sure not to get yesterday's system in this field. It could be costly. Talk to us today to find out how better office privacy can boost your bottom line.

Leading Edge Technology in Speech Privacy Solutions

Defining Sound Masking

White noise helps cancel out office, and voice sounds by using a constant low level noise that is the same mixture of sound wave frequencies we generally create making sound cancelation.

Why is Speech Privacy Important?

Reduce Distractions

Increase Confidentiality

Increase Productivity

Better Working Environment

Increased Employee Retention

Noise and Conversational Distractions

Professional researchers who have studied "productivity" in the office environment universally accept that conversational distractions
are the biggest cause of loss of productivity in workplace
and, therefore, the most important factor to limit, and control.

Industry Experts Know… You can never go wrong with sound masking


  • No matter how well-planned the acoustical environment is:

  • Carpet floor, acoustical ceiling tiles, acoustical furniture panels, and even thinker drywall.

  • A correctly configured sound masking system will always improve speech privacy.

  • It provides a controlled level of background sound at a constant, appropriate volume, and frequency.

Types of White sound technologys


  • Sound Masking Technologies available today:

    • Indirect-Field (also known as Plenum systems)

    • Direct-Field (last 10 years)

  • Direct-Field Technology improved four aspects of sound masking.

Making Sound masking Decisions


Diret Field Sound Masking offers:

  1. Digital Technology with less of a foot print / wider range of sound masking frequinceis with Quadrant speakers (Bi-Amped)

  2. Pre-tuned for maximum covering of the human voice

    • Doesn’t require adjustments…ever

  1. Quieter Sound

    • 20-30% quieter with equal privacy

  1. Zoned Sound

    • Treats the areas needed without bleedover to adjoining offices

Additional benefits of our system


  • Background Music capability (I-pod compatible)

  • All-call Paging capability with (Most phone systems)

  • Multi-zone paging capability (with multiple control modules)

  • Remote and network control solutions

  • Control white noise, music and overhead paging separately